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Journey & The Unfinished Swan For Under A Tenner

Journey & The Unfinished Swan For Under A Tenner

If you’ve been following the 12 Deals Of Christmas promotion, you’ll know that Sony has been pretty generous with its offers so far. But today’s deal is arguably the best yet – PSN favourites Journey and The Unfinished Swan are effectively half price, a bundle of the two coming in at just £9.99.

PS Plus subscribers get to knock another pound off that price (so £8.99, in case you’re worse at maths than anyone has ever been) but as with other deals in this holiday handout, it’s a strictly limited offer and ends at the end of tomorrow (11:59pm, 20 December), so you’ll want to act fast if you want to get your indie on. That’s probably a thing.

But what of the games themselves? Well, Journey is a unique and breathtaking adventure that doesn’t need to use words to tell its story, complete with the most organic co-op play you’re ever likely to come across – we loved the game to the tune of an 87% score earlier in the year. The Unfinished Swan didn’t quite get the same amount of love (though 78% is far from a bad score), but it’s still a wholly original and visually striking little jaunt into the abstract. Both are worth playing, especially for less than a fiver each.

So what are you waiting for? Grab this bundle by the end of play tomorrow, then we’ll see if Sony can outdo itself with the last two offers of the promotion. Valkyria Chronicles for 27p, please.

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