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Is this the PSP2? No.

Is this the PSP2? No.

This image has popped up and been spread all over the internets, obviously making half the world explode with speculative glee and the other half with… rage, or something. It’s purported to be the first shot of the massively-rumoured PSP2. And I for one think it’s bollocks.

I have no actual evidence to support my claim aside from the fact that LOOK AT IT. It’s clearly an image of the PSP Phone with some other bits and bobs whacked onto it, and why in the name of all that is or isn’t holy would Sony go back to using old-fashioned, massive memory sticks in it? And do you honestly think that Sony, oh they of proprietary formats, would allow a different storage format such as SD cards to be used? Because I bloody well don’t.

It might turn out to be real, in which case I will eat my hat*. It may turn out to be a prototype image and not indicative of what the actual unit looks like, in which case I hate Sony for making such awful-looking prototypes. It may turn out to be massively fake and show us all up for being the ridiculous bastards we are, clamouring for any scrap of demi-news we can get our hands on.

It’s the last one, isn’t it. Hmm.

[image via Kotaku, of course]

*By hat I mean ‘delicious steak dinner that you have to pay for as I’m too poor’.

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  • RBL

    2 more days til we all find out the truth on this one

    *if you need a “hat” just pop down here i’ll make you one….

  • Melroy

    Prepare for a deluge of used psps come launch day hehe 😛

  • sean

    It definetly isn’t the PSP2, you what Sony are like when thet design things and it wouldn’t look anything like that.

  • Melroy

    The final product blew my socks off..I think the iPhone actually has a legit competitor lol