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Is PSN back up yet?

Is PSN back up yet?

No. No it is not.

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  • rbl007

    thankyou for that update Ian….

  • Sid


    But Play, your truly awesome 😀

  • mark hodgson

    well what can i say thank god i got a xbox aswell dont think xbox will have the same problems as psn dont think if sony brought out a new console i would buy it

  • Joey

    You are retards, it’s not Sony’s fault they were victim of one of biggest hiests in history.
    Why is no-one saying anything about the miserable, sadistic, virgin, pimply, basement bound fat-ass hackers with a distaste for society in general and are opinionated fucks in their secluded dark rooms hidden from reality having their elderly mothers make them dinner while they fuck Sony and over 100 million people and masturbate untill their wrists cramp as the only female contact they have had since they left school ten years ago is their mother. Maybe believing they have a cyber girlfriend on MSN but it’s really a 50 year old in the closet homosexual guy. Their lives are so miserable and they’re so socially retarded they take it out on Sony and so many others.
    They are pathetic excuses for people and whoever has done/doing all these hacks deserves a life in prison.

  • kev schmit

    Yeah im sick of people moaning all the time saying “i hate sony now, im gonna have a little girl tantrum and sell my ps3 and buy an xbox instead!!!, waaa waaaa waaaaa!!!” christ sake calm the hell down, its not the end of the bloody world just because there’s no online feature for a while. just play offline like the olden days. And like loads of other people have said its not sony’s fault that a bunch of nerds turned up with some sort of vendetta and buggered everything up. Also i find it funny how xbox fanboys have completely forgot about how xbox live was down for 2 weeks straight. only difference here is these nerds are smarter and know how to dig deeper into the machine. In fact i would probably prefer all the moaners to just sell their ps3’s and get an xbox instead, that way when i play online i will come across less screaming kids on headsets and they will be stuck with a console that they truly won’t like as much and will miss out on loads of upcoming exclusives.

  • Joey

    You’re on the ball Kev, PSN will be a better place when it comes back without these muts clogging it up expecting everything to go their way.

  • the bossman

    It won’t take until the 31st anyway, they said online gaming will return before 31st May. Could be back in 3 days or so, maybe more, maybe less. No idea until Sony say so.

  • kev schmit

    i don’t think it will come back up anytime soon, after all they said it would be up this week and its not. at the end of the day i would rather them take the time to make sure this sort of crap won’t happen again than them rush the whole thing and leave the opportunity for these hackers to get back into the system.