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Indies Need More Encouragement On PS3

Indies Need More Encouragement On PS3

A PS3 dev kit.. I think.. yesterday.

Will Hotline Miami come to PS3? Doubtful. Can Introversion be bothered to bring Prison Architect to PSN? Nope. Are we ever going to see much in the way of interesting indie titles from the world of PC gaming ported to our beloved console, or even Vita? Unlikely.

While a cursory glance at our friend the internet reveals PS3 dev kits go for about $2,000 – rather than Microsoft’s rather hefty $10k pricetag, revealed in this interview – it’s still a large barrier to entry for many developers.

And it’s something that really does need to change.

Sony is taking steps to rectify this nonsense and we have seen a number of Minis and other such PSN titles come out that we wouldn’t likely expect on console. Velocity, Journey, Tokyo Jungle, stuff like that. But we need more.

We need something close to what the PC has – openness. An open door policy that lets anyone in to try their hand at development without prohibitive costs. Certification processes that aren’t mired with bureaucracy and extra cost. A world where people are actually encouraged to develop things for PS3, and not punished for having the temerity to want to make a game for the machine.

I’m basing most of this on assumption and what has been said about the Xbox 360 rather than PS3, so I’m going to be misguided and misinformed in some respects. I admit that.

But we clearly don’t have the wealth of indie content they do in the world of PC, and our gaming experience suffers as a result. I’d like everyone to be able to play more, that’s all.

And Minecraft still isn’t out on PS3.

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