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Homefront 2 Has Killed Timesplitters

Homefront 2 Has Killed Timesplitters

Crytek UK is handling development of Homefront 2. So what does this mean? Well, it means that any hope of Timesplitters 4 ever seeing the light of day has just gone and buggered off.


Turns out the development of a sequel nobody really cares about takes precedence over a sequel that quite a few of us really would like to see. Damn you, world of business.

Anyway, let’s look at the three most depressing paragraphs ever put together, taken from this story on Develop:

“The first Homefront made an impact at retail, topping the UK charts in its first week, despite disappointing review scores.

Ironically, it was Crytek’s own shooter, Crysis 2, that dislodged Homefront from its top chart position.

Crytek is currently developing a military shooter of its own, called Warface.”

The first paragraph tells us we live in a world where a game will succeed, regardless of quality, so long as it is marketed enough and is a militaristic manshooter.

The second par shows that whatever is successful will be replaced by Yet Another Manshooter game, and the cycle will continue forever.

The final word-bunch then lets us in on the fact that the future will just bring with it even more manshooters, because they’re all that we can play ever.

It’s enough to make us want to cry salty, hateful tears.

Anyway, there’s still a chance Timesplitters 4 could be in the works, as it’s a few years til Homefront 2 comes out. We can but hope. And you can but read our feature on TS4 in the current issue of Play, because it’s brilliant.

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  • deded

    Just another original classic dumped in favour of yet-another-military-shooter, and a mediocre one at that. Nothing to see here, (the games) business as usual. Q: Will anyone even care when Homefront 2 comes out? Does anyone really care now, never mind in 2014? (A: Only if it’s on new systems, and then only because of the graphics engine). How is the HF universe ‘a really strong universe that has a lot of potential’? It’s a contemporary military shooter FFS, get real.

    I’ve been waiting for TS4 since 2005. I don’t give a monkeys (pun intended) about Homefront. Damn you Crytek.

  • deded

    Do I sound bitter? Perhaps this will better illustrate my objections:

    Metacritic comparison: http://t.co/giwm2dkB

    Maybe publishers would be happier if Timesplitters was actually an isometric action/strategy game they could bastardise into an FPS? They do know TS is an FPS series already, right? /gives up and goes home/

  • SteamedVeggies

    Well it seems Timesplitters 4 is going to end up like Duke Nukem Forever. It’s going to take 11+ years to make it and will probably not be all that great.

  • Derrick

    A part of me has died from this news. I don’t see the point in making any more generic military shooter games when there’s so many already. Homefront 2 obviously won’t be as popular as Call of Duty or Battlefield, so what’s the point? There’s also disagreements with Crytek UK’s decision on this; many of them. I, and many others along with me, mostly on timesplittersportal.com, don’t want this game. We want TimeSplitters 4. Maybe Crytek UK can see all this eventually.


    The person responsible for this decision should be taken out back and shot.

  • deded

    I don’t think you can blame Crytek UK for the decision; they are a subsidiary of Crytek who will ultimately have made the agreement with THQ.

  • stephen

    why is there so much beef about homefront play magazine? why? homefront was nowhere near as bad as u fellas made it out to be , that rating was awful

  • Ian Dransfield

    It’s less beef about Homefront, more beef about it NOT being Timesplitters.

    And we always big up Homefront’s multiplayer, as it is genuinely quite good. It’s just SP that was a bit ass.

  • Derrick

    Yeah, this is all about TimeSplitters NOT being the game announced. It’s the fact that Crytek UK take on another project while leading us all on, being all of us TimeSplitters fans.

  • Bobby at ‘Break Neck’ speed

    This im not happy with.. Timesplitters is my favourite franchise that will stay on my game shelf for the rest of my days, because i still play them! and you know what? because they are perfect! their everything that is classic and perfect about a first person shooter, i’d even dare to say that i’d prefare TS to games like Call of duty and resistance, and way more other titles i will leave (because theres so many :P) but people, seriously who wants to see the likes of HomeFront return in horrible graphical fashion ?? not me thats for sure.

    I really want this one to be dropped by the producers so the devs can sleep easily at night knowing that they haven’t wasted 12 months of their meaningful life on something that won’t last in the fishing pond of gaming for a mere fortnight.. Homefront was wasteful, multiplayer was okay i guess, but overall tragic.. even so i still want the franchise to die before it starts..

  • stevep

    i’ve never even heard of timesplitters but i checked it out on youtube and…it looks pretty lame. anyways. homefront is a pretty good game. i’ve been playing it since the release and the MP is consistently fun…which is why i got the game. MP! its very balanced and a good team strategy game. It has so much potential to knock the other MP’s like COD out the water. if you like battlefield and COD with a better balance and gameplay then Homefront is for you! can’t wait to see homefront 2 with graphic improvements. they already have a pretty solid MP…trust me and rent it you won’t be disappointed.

  • SteamedVeggies

    I’ve played the first Homefront game and was majorly in regret for even bothering of renting the lame game why bother making another one Crytek seriously why?