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Hitman: Sniper Challenge Points To A Bright Future…Maybe

Hitman: Sniper Challenge Points To A Bright Future…Maybe


Bravo, Square Enix/ Io Interactive. While almost every other publisher in the world has decided that gouging people with pre-orders is the key to long-lasting success (obviously), Hitman Sniper Challenge is actually a forward-thinking incentive for fans. Square: you’re doing it wrong.


If you haven’t played it, here’s the deal: you’re Agent 47, perched on a roof overlooking a swanky terrace party. Attending the shindig is an arms dealer and his security detail. Your mission, in 15 minutes, is to kill all of them.


Sounds simple, but when multipliers, Silent Assassin ratings and other challenges are added into the mix, you’ve got a slice of Hitman that is distinctly different from the previous games, yet captures their spirit perfectly.


A good example of this is 47’s need to conceal bodies to prevent guards  becoming alerted. Shooting guards off ledges is the obvious option, but by shooting an elevator power supply and then blasting the inquisitive guard into it you’ll receive a nice pat on the back from Diana, complementing you on your work and remarking on your fondness for elevators.


There’s plenty more where that came from, and while it’s primarily a fun if limited score attack game, reading between the lines it’s very, well, Hitman.


Diana’s playful banter may not seem like much, but it’s got us excited for a game that we were worried might deviate from the standard Hitman fare to rope in the Kidz. We’re not saying it won’t go on to do that, but along with being a nice spin on the usual pre-order bull it seems to have enough of the Hitman DNA, even in a mode not usually associated with the series, to make us very happy indeed.



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