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Hitman HD Collection? Why Not, Eh?

Hitman HD Collection? Why Not, Eh?


File this one under massive rumour, but an Italian retailer has listed Hitman HD Collection for 15th October.


If true then we’re going to be very happy indeed. Hitman Blood Money is a stone classic, which never made the jump to PS3 despite appearing on Xbox 360. As part of a package, in HD and with trophy support, it’s a no-brainer.


As for the other two games, Hitman 2: Silent Assassin is stronger than Hitman: Contracts, but they’re both great games. The second instalment features a far more linear storyline as opposed to the choppy, flashback-laden narratives of the other two, and actually tries to present 47 as a sympathetic character, attempting to repent for his sins.


This doesn’t stop him flying around the world shooting people’s faces off though, and Silent Assassin has the greatest mission variety of any of the games. Mechanically aged it may be, but the hits – and solutions – on offer are amazing.



As for Contracts, it’s the darkest game of the series by a long shot, with young girls being mutilated and people hunted for sport. It’s akin to a ‘gaiden’ game, filling in the blanks in 47’s illustrious killing career. Again, the thought of playing it with trophies has us stupid  with excitement.


Oh dear. We lost ourselves there, getting all giddy. This better be true.

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