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Hitman Absolution’s Contracts Mode Has Us Excited

Hitman Absolution’s Contracts Mode Has Us Excited


It’s been a rough ride for IO and Square with Hitman Absolution. First everyone thought it was going to be Splinter Cell Conviction 2, after the reveal showed 47 smashing 400 people in half in just under 8 seconds.  Then there was the extremely dumb slo-mo woman-killing trailer, which rightly caused a storm.


Like we said, not good. Thankfully the Gamescom reveal of the new Contracts mode has reminded us that there’s a game under all of these PR blunders.


We like the sound of Contracts because they embody what Hitman is. For those who haven’t heard of the mode, it enables players to set new targets in levels, and choose the paramaters with which the kill must be performed.The most popular hits are then uploaded for all players to download and get stuck into.


That’s what’s being promised, anyway. If IO pull it off then it’s a fitting evolution of the Hitman formula. The series has always been about taking your own path through levels, and then sharing those experiences with other players, honing your techniques (just check out some of the speed runs on YouTube).


Contracts mode enables you to do all of that and more, and crucially enables quick feedback on who’s taken the lead via friend and worldwide leaderboards. It also should prove, once and for all, the flexibility of the stages that IO has created: if the developer is confident enough to open them up for people to create their own rules in, then they’ve got to be good. Hitman-quality good.


So, finally, Hitman Absolution has stepped out from behind the blunderous PR handlers and has seemingly given us something that we actually want. A Hitman game.



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