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Heroes On The Move was a rubbish name anyway

Heroes On The Move was a rubbish name anyway

We’re well-known for our crusade for imagination – after all, it is Play-Mag that posted not one, but  boob-related articles last week. You can’t buy that kind of originality – it’s a gift from the powers above.

So it is that we greet the apparent news Sony has renamed their upcoming Move-a-thon with unbridled joy. What was once the silly, pointless pun that simply conveyed the message and had a bit of a smile to go along with things – Heroes On The Move – is now something altogether more impactful, to the point and relevant: PlayStation Move Heroes.

Whereas with the previous name players might not have known what was going on – these heroes could be anyone, after all, and how are we expected to know who they are? And a pun? A pun? We would never stoop to chuckling at a pun, no siree not us.

It takes balls to take away such a fanciful, whimsical name and replace it with something so efficient and less wasteful. After all, we all know that jokes and light-heartedness never get the point across, and the gamers playing the upcoming title will want to play something that sounds like it was named in a laboratory. Clearly.

So we have to applaud Sony for the choice to take what was a reasonably fun, silly little name that got the point across and turning it into something designed by focus testing and devoid of any heart. That’s certainly an original move.  Or should that be PlayStation Move Game Starring Functional Cartoon-style Heroes In Scenes Of Mild Peril? We don’t know.

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    When those heroes were invented Playstation Move wasn’t even out.

  • genuine

    HERO’s that got moved

  • hazy

    I wish someone would kill this game.