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Guillermo Del Toro and THQ: why we shouldn’t get too excited

Guillermo Del Toro and THQ: why we shouldn’t get too excited

Guillermo Del Toro is rumoured to be working with THQ on a new RPG property, along with the team involved in Saints Row. At least, if rumours are to be believed – which as we all know, they aren’t. Still, it’s managed to immediately whip up the internets into a frenzy, with some bold claims being made as to the difference Del Toro, director of the likes of Hellboy and Pan’s Labyrinth, could make to the gaming landscape.

It’s very easy to get carried away – a reasonably big name in the world of entertainment may well be involved in our little world of video games. He’s going to change everything! He’s going to reignite the passion in everyone’s belly! He’s going to quite literally change videogames forever!

Or is he?

Del Toro is clearly a talented director, and it would be stupid to hail the possibility of him being involved with THQ like this as anything other than a Good Thing. But what involvement has he had with games before? What does he know of the craft? He knows how to tell a good story, but telling a good story in a video game is something that is much harder to do – from both a creative and technical standpoint.

We’re excited by the possibility and we do want it to be true, but at the same time we’re going to temper our expectations. There’s no need to get carried away; to hail this as a turning point for gaming at large. Steven Spielberg has been involved with games for over a decade now and he hasn’t yet managed to invoke this paradigm shift we all seem to expect from a renowned movie director getting involved with this little hobby. Though Boom Blox is genuinely good fun, and the first two Medal Of Hono[u]r games were rare examples of brilliant FPS titles on PSone. Oh, and The Dig was a very good adventure game. But still, you get the point.

If Guillermo Del Toro is, as reported all over the place, involved with THQ in creating this new RPG property, we are excited. We are. We like the guy’s moxy – his ambition. We want someone to create “the Citizen Kane of games”, except with less [SPOILER] sleds [/SPOILER] and probably more trophies to unlock. We want him to succeed. We’re just going to be realistic with our expectations for now.

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