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GTA Online update adds content creator

GTA Online update adds content creator

Rockstar’s grand vision for Grand Theft Auto Online is a step closer to completion as of this week, with the content creation tool mentioned in the online mode’s original reveal finally making it into the game.

Arriving for now in beta form, the tool allows players to map out and customise their own races and deathmatches across five modes – Race, GTA Race, Rally Race, Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch – before sharing their creations with the world for anyone to play. Before a creation can be shared, though, it must be tested to ensure it’s actually possible, so no trying to troll others by sticking a race checkpoint right in the heart of Mount Chiliad – you’d only be trolling yourself.

Rockstar isn’t done for the year just yet, either. Before the end of December, it plans to update the game again with a set of new Capture modes – think Capture The Flag in a variety of GTA-specific flavours. And following on from that, we can expect online heists and even new story DLC based around the unholy trinity of Michael, Franklin and Trevor to arrive early in 2014.

Honestly, it’s like Rockstar wants to scoop GOTY gongs two years running or something…

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