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GTA 5: Zombie Mode Confirmed?

GTA 5: Zombie Mode Confirmed?


Ah, so that’s why GTA V has been so long in the making: Rockstar has been negotiating with Capcom over one of the biggest crossovers in the history of everything. As was pointed out earlier by Play Overlord Ryan King, the lead character of GTA V is clearly none other than Frank West.


Which, if we’re correct (we are) means only one thing: GTA V has a zombie mode. Maybe the whole game revolves around a zombie outbreak. Frank West is sent in by the President Of The United States, who has decided that only West is a bad enough dude to sort this mess out.


We’re excited. GTA IV didn’t have a zombie mode – although you could change your multiplayer skin to resemble one of the decomposing herd – and that was one of the greatest games ever. Imagine how much better it will be now that Frank West is in it. We were worried at first, but Rockstar has really come through again. Phew.

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  • yolo swag

    not sure if srs…

  • Shogun

    Misleading faggot.

  • Halololol

    Actually there is a zombies mode, check the achievement leak. “Unnatural selection; survive all 10 wave”

  • Angel Lucas

    I hope there are zombies in the game naturally and there would be zombie locations and can really effect your gameplay if not taken care of like minimal zombie infections or spread herd

  • skimpcraif

    That’s for surviving 10 waves of gta online survival… Not zombies.