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GT5 Full 1080p Screens – Untouched And Unedited

GT5 Full 1080p Screens – Untouched And Unedited

Want to know what GT5 really looks like? Play offers to you a gallery of full 1080p screens taken directly from the GT5, completely untouched by anyone and exactly as they appear in-game. Now you can make up your own mind exactly how good/bad Gran Turismo 5 really looks.

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  • marhorn

    Maybe something is wrong here but that looks like ps2! Forza is beautifull looking and even going back to Project gotham 4, it had the most amazing weather effects! These look rubbish! Nowhere near as good as Forza

  • wtfwtfwtf

    I think you need something that captures better images… Its not as clear as it could be…

  • Sean

    I just think there’s an overall inconsistency in terms of graphics and polish for GT5, considering its apparent developement time you would think it would look great throughout. Most of the negativity stem from some of the older tracks, they look terrible and can be quite a distraction. It’s the whole expectation thing kicking in again.

    Forza’s tracks on the otherhand are all on an even basis with polish and great looks, but it doesn’t mean it’s the better driving sim.

  • Urban

    I’m yet to try GT5 but older versions, ps2 versions i mean, were really fun games, with a lot of cars and nice tracks and so, a lot of options buttt, they weren’t driving sim, it was difficult to handle,right, but it didn’t felt anything than driving, then forza came and oh my… that was driving, and for those who couldn’t handle it, there were some options to be easier.
    I hope GT5 to be a driving sim, as they are telling everyone what they are, but haven’t yet