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Five highlights from the week’s PS Store Update

Five highlights from the week’s PS Store Update

Another Wednesday, another update to the Playstation Store. What goodies await us this week?


The game came out in stores yesterday but if you are too lazy to go outside, you can now download the Devil May Cry reboot direct from the PS Store. Handy! It’s a great game, and well worth playing. One small issue – it costs £49.99. That’s the price of convenience, apparently.

Retro City Rampage

It took a while, but Retro City Rampage is finally out in Europe! This 2D, Grand Theft Auto style free-roamer emulates and parodies the glory days of the 80s, from the games to the films to the really bright colours. It’s great fun, and you can pick it up now for £8.99.

Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable

A Vita port of the cult Xbox 360 hit, EDF 2017 sees players fighting off enormous alien ants and other insects to DEFEND THE EARTH. There’s over 200 weapons, loads of vehicles and completely destructible environments. EDF is the gaming equivalent of a B-movie that is so bad it’s good – the presentation is substandard and unpolished, but goddamn if it isn’t an absolute blast to play. The only problem is the price, £34.99. It’s just too much. Wait for a sale.

Sumioni: Demon Arts

A beautiful 2D action game brought over from Japan by XSEED, Sumioni features an ink-painting style similar to that of Okami. Paint spells with the touchscreen to unleash your “demon arts” in a story inspired by Japanese folklore. We can’t wait to see how lovely this looks on the wonderful Vita screen. Best of all, it’s only £7.99.

PS PLUS: Jet Set Radio for free!

That’s right, Playstation Plus subscribers can get Dreamcast classic Jet Set Radio on their Vita right now for the delicious price of absolutely nothing! Take a trip back through memory lane or discover for the first time why it is that so many people worship the game. JET SET RADIOOOOOOOO

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