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GTA V First Artwork

GTA V First Artwork

*Hums Small Faces* What do you think? Lots of new GTAV info coming next month, apparently. Hang in there.

  • Kira

    Wow. Rockstar are so proud with their GTA franchise, that they actually post teasers about upcoming teasers about a game. Why so many teasers and vague screenshots? Dont get me wrong, GTA is a great and awesome franchise, but isnt Rockstar taking it a little too far with building the hype? Isnt it time to finally reveal… something about the game?? Its one thing to be great and successful as developers, but its another to scream it out loud saying ” we’re great, worship us to get more info on our game!”. I really hate such companies.
    Take Hideo Kojima for example. Hes a very successful developer, and his legacy with Metal Gear beats Rockstar’s GTA by far. And yet, when he announced MGS Ground Zeroes, he didnt give us stupid pictures of.. a snake eating a rat or whatever.. He just announced the game, and gave us a 15 minute long video, with gameplay and plattforms. He’s a legend, but doesnt feel the need to do all the crap Rockstar is doing. Thats the kind of companies i respect.

  • Stuart

    Looks good cant wait for more.

    Clothes for the slimmer girls in the background shop…Anna Rexic?? 🙂