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Final Fantasy XIII-3? It Makes Sense.

Final Fantasy XIII-3? It Makes Sense.

Lightening thinking about Final Fantasy XIII-3, yesterday.

All rumours and, well, logic points to Square Enix’s upcoming Final Fantasy XIII Lightening Saga announcement being the confirmation of Final Fantasy XIII-3. This is based on little more than the fact it’s still the Lightening Saga and the fact XIII-2 finishes with ‘to be continued’.

It makes sense.

And, if we work from this assumption, it makes sense in other ways. Final Fantasy XIII was a pit into which Squenix threw a hell of a lot of money, and while it sold well and recouped a lot of cashola, it also took a hell of a lot of time to make.

You’ve spent years making a game – you have a crapton of assets you’re sitting on which can be re-used free of charge and the next generation of consoles aren’t coming about any time soon. Why would you bother doing a ‘proper’ Final Fantasy sequel?

I’m sure there’s a team somewhere at the studio beavering away at whatever the next Final Fantasy will end up being, but it just makes sense from pretty much every perspective to make FFXIII-3 in the interim. It wouldn’t be free to make, but it would be a hell of a lot cheaper than the first game.

Just like Final Fantasy XIII-2 was.

Yeah, logic.

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