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Final Fantasy VII Re-release: What Does It Mean For PlayStation?

Final Fantasy VII Re-release: What Does It Mean For PlayStation?

A 15-year-old spoiler, yesterday.

Final Fantasy VII is being re-released! On PC. And it’s not a remake. It’s just the PC version again but updated for modern machines and with the addition of achievements, cloud save support (HA HA HA HIS NAME IS CLOUD) and ‘character boosters’, whatever they are.

Great. Wonderful. Bully for the PC crowd. Of which I am secretly a part.

But what about us on PlayStation, where Final Fantasy VII was birthed? Sure, we have backwards compatibility and the ability to download the game through PSN, but that’s just the PSone version. No changes. No updates. No trophies. No cloud saves.

We’ll ignore the boosters.

But could this be Square Enix testing the waters – seeing how much interest it can conjure up by offering a slightly retouched version of one of its most-beloved properties? Could it be a gateway step to the studio releasing a full-on, proper remake of Final Fantasy VII? Could it just be the first release before this slightly revamped version hits PSN?

Probably not, no. It’s probably just a quick and easy way for Squenix to get Final Fantasy VII out to a PC crowd (the game, while not super-rare, isn’t stupidly easy to find and get running on the home computer) and make a few extra dollars in the process.

We don’t blame the publisher for that; it’s doing our arrogant brethren a service, no doubt. But it makes us wonder just how often Square Enix is going to tease us about a Final Fantasy VII remake and how it’s clearly never going to happen. Sick bastards.

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  • Joey

    I wouldn’t want a remake.
    Ever read a book and you really enjoyed it. Then a film is made of it, you’re all so excited. Then it comes out and it’s shit. Completely different from your take on the book. That’s because people’s interpretation of books are created by their imagination and vary person to person. Old videogames are like that. So much was left to your imagination and everyone’s interpretation of FF7 is different. A remake could piss on our memories of a great game, especially if it’s going to be made by the Japanese now. I say leave it alone in its grave, don’t dig up its corpse and play around with it. We’d all just be disappointed.

  • Lee Heather

    Im still undecided if this would be a good idea (for me) sure A HD remake with trophies would be a great but I have very fond memories of this game, if I played a remake would I think to myself “this isnt like it was when I used to play it.” But then again its Final Fantasy V11 the greatest game of all time.

  • tanto

    why does everything have to mean something?

  • Ian Dransfield

    Because then nothing would mean anything and we’d all have massive existential crises all day every day?

  • dieseltulip

    I agree with Joey to a certain extent but I think Advent Children pissed all over the original story arc enough and when I replayed FF7 last year it wasn’t enough to ruin the experience. My one criticism with the Final Fantasy series since FF10 was the voices, I couldn’t put up with XIII because of Vanille and that annoying accent, FF7 always seemed quite dark to me, so as long as they take that ominous tone into consideration and don’t put in squeaky clean anime voices, or just have a Japanese with English subtitles option I will be happy. It seems that Versus XIII may have a similar tone to 7 but considering we’ll all be dead before that comes out I guess I’ll never really know. And if I ever have to hear the words ‘Dilly Dally, Shilly Shally’ again I will eat my own head.

  • Joey

    Agree with you about Advent Children. I don’t mean to sound ignorant but Final Fantasy these days is just so…… gay. No other word best describes it.
    It’s all lady boys and cheesy voices/characters/stories. There was gay-ness in FF7 but it was easily overlooked because the rest was so good. Advent Children focused on this gay-ness, amplified it and it ruined the entire thing. I’m afraid this is what they’d do if they make a remake.
    I haven’t played an FF since 10, which was fun but…. gay. Look at the recent ones. Characters are called Hope and Faith etc etc it’s just too girly and Easternly aimed. I remember FF7 as being dark and hardy, not sparkly eyed “good and evil, light and darkness” Kingdom Hearts-esque bollocks.

  • Diesel Tulip

    I think FFX-2 was the beginning of the downfall, I think you’re right about using the word gay, a lot of elements seem to cater too much to teenage girls.