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Fillion as Drake: we definitely predicted it all by ourselves and nobody else did. Or something.

Fillion as Drake: we definitely predicted it all by ourselves and nobody else did. Or something.

Nathan Fillion – you either know him from Firefly or you know him from something that’s not quite as good – has officially thrown his hat into the ring regarding the role of Nathan Drake in the upcoming Uncharted movie adaptation.

Posting on his Twitter feed, Fillion demanded we rise to make this a genuine Twitter campaign. See? This has, of course, got the world of All Things Nerd quite happy, though it has lead to audacious claims of ‘calling it’ from a fair few people across news posts, forums and whatever else.

You didn’t call it. Just putting it out there.

Don’t get me wrong, I genuinely think this is a brilliant thing. There’s nobody better for the role as Drake, apart from maybe Nolan North himself or Harrison Ford 30 years ago. Fillion would be able to just… well, keep on being Mal Reynolds, except not in space, and that would be the best Drake we could hope for.

It’s potentially the most obvious choice/potential person for a role that has ever existed. You didn’t call it: everyone in the world called it.

I’ll keep my News Ear to the ground to see if anything more comes of this (translation: “I’ll keep a News Eye on Fillion’s Twitter feed”).

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  • fsda

    Uncharted is a franchise that does not need a movie. It’s already a movie in itself.

  • Austin

    I’ll need to find videos of some of his other roles, he seemed to soft in Halo 3: ODST, although that might have just been the character obviously.

    As for other characters, I think Kristen Bell could be Elena maybe. Chloe could be Olga Kurylenko for sure. Sully could be Liam Neeson maybe?

    Idk, again a movie would be weird.

  • David

    I think Nolan North and Claudia Black, assuming they make amoung thieves too, should bring their roles to the big screen. Fillion however is still an excellent choice.

    Apart from Firefly I’ve only seen him in small parts, Lost and Buffy spring to mind, and he was still good. Halo 3 ODST’s story wasn’t brillant tbh, but that’s not his fault. The lines between him and the female lead (can’t remember her name, sorry) were well acted.

  • Ryba

    Fillion would be perfect and im glad im no the only one who thinks so.

    @david….check out a show called Castle he dose an excellent job there

  • Kcat10

    We want Nathan Fillion to be cast as Nathan Drake! Yes! NATHAN FILLION is the BEST choice to play Nathan Drake! He’s got action hero written all over him, with the biceps to prove it. He’s extremely handsome, bright, clever, sexy, hot, young and devilishly funny. And he wants this role as much as we want it for him!

    It’s his turn to be the next powerful leading man on the big screen. We Browncoats and Castillions are determined to get him up where he belongs, and keep him there. He has single-handedly transformed the term “geek” into “sexgod.” He’s an up-and-coming A-list movie star with muscle and heat and he’s a-comin’ to take over feature films! I feel it! Grab him while you can for the Uncharted franchise. Because he’ll also make the best Indiana Jones when they re-boot those movies!!

    In his campaign to be Nathan Drake, we Browncoats and Castillions rise up and firmly support our Captain Nathan Fillion!

  • Olaf

    Mr Fillion would make a marvelous Mr Drake