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Fighting Fantasy Creator: ‘I Cheated’

Fighting Fantasy Creator: ‘I Cheated’

Shocking developments today as Steve Jackson, co-creator of the Fighting Fantasy series of role-playing books and co-creator of Games Workshop, admitted he has – like all of us – cheated when playing/reading the classic stories/games.

Speaking exclusively to Play earlier today, Jackson was posed the question: “Have you ever cheated in your own books?” His response:

“Ummm… yes.”

Jackson was chatting alongside Eidos Life President, Ian Livingstone, to promote the release of upcoming PlayStation Mini title Fighting Fantasy: Talisman Of Death, developed by Laughing Jackal – a game in which you can’t hold your fingers on previous pages in case you make a wrong move. You cheater.

We’re all going to have a lie down now. This has rocked our collective world.

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  • The Deleted

    Just reading Deathtrap Dungeon again. It still holds up. Still not arsed about dice rolling though. I just ask my son to choose a number between 1 and 6.