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Fight Night Champions New Online Delivery Method

Fight Night Champions New Online Delivery Method

We tend to rally against online passes and frivolous DLC here, so it may seem we are on something of a downer when it comes to The Future Of Gaming. We’re not. And EA has helped to prove we’re not, by doing something that made us go ‘oh, that’s quite a good idea’.

Fight Night Champion Customisable is a new release on PSN (in the US at least, we haven’t been able to check availability in EU as of yet) that sees the Champion Mode – the story mode, essentially – from EA’s pugilistic romp available as an individual download for $4.99.

It’s basically the Lego version of digital distribution we expected to see more of over the last few years. While clearly an experiment on EA’s part – Fight Night Champion isn’t exactly the biggest of the Sports label’s franchises, but it is big enough to get some attention – it’s something we’ll be keeping our eyes on.

Would you buy FIFA 12’s online mode alone? Career mode, creation mode, Be A Legend etc all available separately, but you drop $5-10 for online sans anything else and build from there. Would that interest you? That’s what EA’s trying to gauge here with the Champion experiment. The Champeriment.

Extra modes can be bought as/when/if you want to – Fight Now (exhibition) is $5, Legacy Mode and Boxer Share (create a boxer) is $10 and online play is another $10. Which means it’s a total of $29.99 for the whole game. Yes, you can probably get it cheaper from stores now, but it’s nowhere near the excessive pricing we’ve seen elsewhere with these sorts of experiments. MX vs ATV: Alive, take a bow.

What do you think?

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  • I would not only support this kind of model, I am going to support it even though I don’t particularly like the Fight Night franchise. I will happily buy and never once play this if it gets the “Mix and Match” style of buying games into production. I had hopes that this kind of thing would have been commonplace by now, what with Capcom pushing the boundaries, but the sad truth is that internet crybabies are far too loudmouthed and automatically cry about any kind of DLC for common sense to prevail. This move can ONLY be good! I have no interest whatsoever in playing many of the games I buy online, especially when online mode is tacked on afterwards, but would be all over online modes for some of the games I have bought where the single player is poorly executed. Foregoing the campaign in Battlefield 3, for example, in order to get to the multiplayer alone for half the price? Not only am I sold, I suspect that MANY others would be too.

  • DO’G

    @ LEE Weedall

    I’m sorry for flaming or trolling but How much are EA paying you too come on every website and kiss their ar*e about there new “ideas”