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Dust 514 Details Emerge; Excitement Remains

Dust 514 Details Emerge; Excitement Remains

Dust 514, yesterday.

Dust 514, offshoot of the PC MMO EVE Online, is still holding our interest. Recent announcements/clarifications at the EVE Fanfest last week have just made us think, even more, along the lines of ‘oh wow yes that does sound really good and interesting’.

One of the biggest points is cross-platform play, with a Vita companion app announced for the game. There’s still a chance the handheld will get a proper version of the game too, but for now it seems a good enough idea anyway – offering the ability to check your status, customise your character and a number of other little bits and bobs.

Then there’s clarification of the money matters. Dust 514 is a free to play game, in that it is free. To play. You don’t have to spend a penny to succeed, and if you do spend a few pennies you’re not guaranteed success – this isn’t a Facebook F2P title demanding £40 for more coins otherwise you will immediately die. It’s more balanced than that, and by the devs own admission players will not be able to buy victory.

Survival matches, e-sports (and betting) elements, giant stompy robots, F2P, a developer that isn’t just crapping out a half-baked idea, the chance it might end up on Vita… the one thing we don’t really know yet is if Dust 514 is actually any good.

It’s definitely full of brilliant ideas though, and we’re definitely still interested in and excited by the game.

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