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Diablo 3 Console Version Is/Isn’t Happening, But It Should

Diablo 3 Console Version Is/Isn’t Happening, But It Should
Is Diablo 3 coming to console? Is it? IS IT?

Diablo 3 (not) on console, yesterday.


Diablo 3 has made a splash in the world of PC gaming this week, both because of annoying, crappy server issues and because it’s brilliant.

No, really, it is. Try it out and see. It’s one of those things that, on paper, sounds a bit dull – run around in fantasy-land, slashing and shooting people while accompanied by the sound of ‘click click clickclickclickclickclick’. Sounds… thrilling? But then you play it and realise it’s a masterpiece of design – it’s clearly been through a lot of playtesting to make sure there’s very little to annoy. And then there’s the loot – glorious, beautiful loot. It’s captivating, addictive and brilliant.

And, so far, it’s not coming to PS3. Diablo 3 on console doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. Or is it? Blizzard has been putting hints out alongside just as many counter-claims. One second it’s coming, the next they don’t have the resources to be able to make it.

It’s confusing. And annoying.

But would Diablo 3 on console be something we want to see? Is it something that could even work on PS3? And for the love of all that’s holy could we put up with the nonsense the PC crew has had to live through in the shape of always-on connections and server issues?

True, Diablo 3 would be a bit of a difficult one on console. It would need constant connection to play, even though there’s a robust and attractive single-player mode available. It would be a relatively untested area with the real money auction house. It would probably be more of an experiment than Blizzard would want to take part in – it’s a company that deals in dead certs and not much else. A failure – or even the risk of a failure – just wouldn’t sit.

Then there’s the fact that games like Diablo 3 aren’t exactly at home on console. They should be – they really should. But they’re not. What’s the last thing like Diablo 3 we’ve seen on PS3? Dungeon Siege 3? And how did that do? Not too well.

But even though there’s all this crap up against it, trying to stop Diablo 3 from coming to console, we still want it. A lot. Because Diablo 3 is brilliant. Well, when you’re not seeing Error 37 or whatever it is stopping people from playing right now.

Anyway, in the meantime why not just get some free dildos?

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    The free dildos is the best marketing idea I have ever seen, absolute genius!

  • Adam

    Skylanders is sort of Diablo for kids…

  • Styff