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Deus Ex On PSN: The Reappraisal

Deus Ex On PSN: The Reappraisal

Thrilling screenshots: all the rage in 2002!


Deus Ex: The Conspiracy sees a release on PSN today, and much as it pains me to have to write that stupid subtitle on it I have to do so to help differentiate it from the original release of the game on its original format, the PC.

Because that was a better version, and still is, and you should probably just buy it from GOG.com or Steam or something because it can be played on any PC made post-2000. Which should be all of your PCs.

But wait! We’ve not turned into (total) PC evangelists just yet, and I understand there are many of you out there who won’t want to play the game on PC, or will want the novelty factor of playing the PS2 version. I know I do. And to those we say: yeah, alright then.

For you see, Deus Ex: The Conspiracy was, back when it came to PS2 in 2002, a good game. A bit dated-looking and a bit choppy, but still great. Groundbreaking. Timeless in countless ways. We reviewed it back in issue 88 of Play, where we awarded it 87% and said things like:

“Deus Ex is a stronger title than most and is extremely rewarding.”

“[The narrative] is tightly woven and full of detail.”

“This game is really nothing like the ‘bang-bang’ or Red Faction apart from the viewpoint. It’s a far more rewarding experience and incredibly more detailed.”

“Deus Ex was a brilliant, even groundbreaking game on the PC and practically everything that made it such a great game to get into has survived the translation to PS2.”

Weren’t we cute back then? Comparing things to Red Faction as that was the barometer of quality at the time? Different – some say better – days.

But then, in that very same review we also recommended you check out David Icke’s website, thus proving we weren’t always right about everything all the time. Sad, dark days.

But what about now? Well, it’s ten years old. It was already two years old when it came out on PS2. Take into account it’s a 12-year-old game that was ambitiously ported to a console that could only just cram it all in. Take that into account – I love caveats, me – and you’re left with something that’s… well, it’s worth the £7.99 being charged.

You have to force yourself through some terrible loading times and frame rate drops that help remind you the world isn’t as bad a place as it once was for gaming. But the skellington of the experience is what holds it all together, and it’s a damn handsome, deep skellington that probably wouldn’t even scare you if it jumped out of a spooky cupboard in the dead of night, because it’s so nice and great.

Those of you who arrived at the series with Human Revolution instead of Deus Ex: THE CONSPIRACY should want to check this one out. It’s an origins story – not from a narrative perspective, but from an actual game perspective. And yes, it creaks like hell and if it had a smell it would be foisty and warm-scented (not in a good way), but so what? You can go into the girls bathroom and be chastised for it. Great days.

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