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“Desmond Needs To End” – Assassin’s Creed Will Be Better Off When He’s Dead

“Desmond Needs To End” – Assassin’s Creed Will Be Better Off When He’s Dead

Desmond Miles not being dead yet, yesterday.

Assassin’s Creed 3 will feature Desmond Miles. Desmond Miles has been in all of the main Assassin’s Creed games to date. There aren’t too many people around that I know of with any real love for Desmond Miles. Desmond Miles needs to go away.

Ubisoft agrees.

Alex Hutchinson, creative lead on Assassin’s Creed 3, said these following words with his mouth (or possibly typed them) to be reproduced on the internet by gaming portal Polygon:

“I think Desmond needs to end. At some point. You know what I mean? Things that go on too long lack resonance. We’re asking people to remember seven years’ worth of story. Which is like saying you were in junior high and now you’re finishing college. And you need to remember what you were doing in junior high.

“It’s more like The Twilight Zone. There’s always a guy introducing it and he’s there every episode, but each game completes its own story. Assassin’s Creed 1 was Altair’s story. Ezio has been and gone. You can engage with these historical stories individually without having to necessarily understand Desmond’s story. But yes, we eventually do have to wrap it up.”

But I’m not as fair, or understanding, as Hutchinson. Desmond Miles doesn’t just need to end. Desmond Miles needs to die. Probably in some kind of horrible, violent accident.

There aren’t too many people around that I know of with any real love for Desmond Miles. Killing Desmond Miles off would probably cheer them up. Lord knows they’re a miserable bunch.

And the best part is it means we would be far less likely to ever see any first-person Doom-Tetris again. Because that’s the real reason Desmond Miles needs to die.

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  • ME

    No Desmond = no Ezio. Desmond rules!!

  • Diesel Tulip

    I hate Desmond, he’s a bitch

  • shaun

    I agree. I have no love for Desmond, infact Desmond and his parts in the game were the parts that i didn’t want to come next. And when they did, i got through them as quickly as possible to get back to the “real” game, as i’m sure many others did.

    The thing is, how do they deliver another animus adventure without someone to put into it?

    How would it work?

    Because with the assassins creed stories they are getting closer to the present time with every release, so maybe next time Desmond dons the cape and hood and climbs and jumps around Manhattan? Er no!!
    It just sounds wrong, sounds like another game.

    So i say the only way they could kill off Desmond, is if the animus sucks him in for good somehow and maybe jumps him around time and into other assassins minds replaying the past in this way, but not to learn how to take on the enemy or uncover secrets but in the hope he might jump back to his time. To maybe save himself from the animus. This way we only see the jumps at the beginning and end of games and hear his voice figuring things out, without having to suffer actually controlling him.

    I understand there are many things that wont work here but i cant see how they can kill off Desmond any other way without killing the game. Maybe scrap the whole animus thing? and play the characters as themselves not as memories, this could also add gameplay choices and branching story lines, different endings etc, because you don’t have to do things exactly as the assassin done them in the past.
    I’m sure they would want to add these choices, seeing as there is so much of that going around these days in games you least expect, Black ops 2 anyone?

    Anyway KILL!!!!! Desmond.

  • ME

    i dont get it why u people hate him.. he is the one that ties all of the story. besides its not like hes taking up chunks of the game. its just a few parts to progress the story. so just deal with it

  • Jamie

    I didn’t mind Desmond to be honest. I actually quite enjoyed controlling an assassin in modern day. The Rome free running part it was cool to do it all now in the present or the future wherever the hell that part is actually set. In fact I liked him and the team up until Revelations where they made it that shitty first-person platforming puzzle crap. That was just……………………..


    It really was horrible but apart from that I don’t mind the guy. I mean Nolan North’s voice is doing my head in a bit now seeing as how he is in nearly every game now but apart from that, I don’t mind.

  • Edmari

    Its stupid to kill of Desmond, just because some ppl dont find him that interesting his story still connects everything you play in the game, so what if some ppl wont understand the story, only true fans who have played the games out would understand. His story expands over the years and it helps players relate to him in a modern sense. Besides his character should be better justified in trying to fight against abstergo in the modern era.

  • Cococrash11

    What’s with everyone whining about Desmond? I think he is great character and I mean for goodness sake he doesn’t have a lot of action in ACI to ACR and just when finally he is going to have some action in ACIII they want to get rid of him? That’s ridiculous, they should keep having him as the Main Protagonist. They should give him a chance to be an Assassin, Master Assassin, and later a Mentor.

    So what happens after they get rid of Desmond? Are they going to keep changing new Main Protagonist after 7 years just like with changing a new Assassin Ancestor? The only thing that needs to change is the Assassin Ancestors not Desmond Miles.

  • fred astere

    lots of you people seem to know nothing, yes desmond can be a pain and having to leave the animus and enter ‘the real world’ with desmond can be frequently annoying but if you remove desmond from the main story there would be obvious ties to the modern story we’ve witnessed so far, because even if they killed him off there would be no doubt that, if they wanted to make more games, they’d still have someone that is a modern man and keep pulling him out of the animus

    The best solution would have been/ is to keep desmond and have one maybe two games with him in the modern world and show what he can do against modern templars and guards then either end the series entirely or start fresh with a new man, maybe shaun i’d love to see him actually do something!

  • TacoToast

    Well you were correct Desmond is death now but not with the respect I hoped. It was just bam there wasn’t a tear there was no pain no feeling no emotion like with the death of Ezio.

  • Evan

    I don’t understand why people don’t like Desmond. I personally loved Desmond and was sad when they finally killed him. The parts where you control Desmond aren’t even that bad, and its just another part of the game. Oh well, haters gonna hate.

  • RealFan

    Are you all stupid? Seriously I’m reading comment after comment about how much you hated desmond? I personally think Desmond was the most important part! Like seriously, come on, we were JUST getting to know Desmond’s past in Revelations and then they just kill him off!? I was very angry.. I still am. I loved playing as Desmond, and I was really hoping the last Assassin’s Creed was going to be him with no animus.. I had high hopes for Assassin’s Creed 3, but seriously fuck all of you who complained about Desmond, it’s probably your fault they killed him off and fucked up the entire story..

  • Vidise_Crimson

    I’m pro Desmond. If nothing else his death ends the assassins permanently, or have you all forgotten?
    they are the last of them and Desmond was the only true assassin in that group. And yes, I feel that he should of aquired the skills of assassins past and kicked modern templar ass! But if UbiSoft is just gonna be swayed by a few ignorant fans, then maybe its ok to end the series. better to end it now than to have them
    bullshit their way around his demise and pull a random character outta their arse. As far as game mechanics
    ACIII is a shinning gem! (i am also a fan of the hunting mechanic, really cool)

  • aa

    i liked desmond 🙁 sad to see him go. he was noble and he did what he thought was best for the brotherhood and the world. even going as far to kill someone he really liked (or loved) like lucy for the assassins cause. i think he did love her even though she was evil she thought she was doing the right thing by being a templar. i really liked the brazil part and the free run climb to the top of the new york city sky scraper… and then the return to abstergo. dont even get me started. i was so excited by that! it was amazing. good to see vidic is dead too.loved using the apple to kill him. it was awesome. i can feel the power!!! overall i was disappointed with connor and the story was way too short. it felt more like an errand or run to the grocery store than a journey. then again its hard to follow an assassin like ezio. he didnt have much of a personality. totally unrelateable. i like HAYTHAM more than i liked connor. atleast he had a personality. there were literally no words to describe connor. because theres not much to him. it was very superficial. not well thought out. they spento too much time trying to change it. so that they could gain a fresh fanbase that they lost touch with the old one. he’s not like ezio. who was a killer casanova who enjoyed much “vajina” (as maria auditore would say) on the week end. they changed too much about the game. if it aint broke dont fix it!!!! why did you try to fix itt!!!!!! they broke it. they broke the game.

  • Ryan Meteor

    I just finish ac3 and it made me feel sad when Desmond died over the series many gamers have grown to enjoy him like myself. I have to say I’m very sad to know the Miles Story ends here after all he never had any kids so he has no legacy.

  • Me

    Desmond is the main link between the characters like Altiar, Ezio, and Connor. Without him there would be no memory to use to get to get to be the assassin so there fore there would be no game. Desmond needs to be in the Animus to play as the assassin so if you don’t like him man up and grow a pair of nuts.

  • m august

    God desmond’s parts were the parts I HATED! I was screaming obscenities at the tv evertime i had to his part. I don’t care if he’s important to the story i don’t like him!