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Deadly Premonition Director’s Cut Coming To PS3

Deadly Premonition Director’s Cut Coming To PS3

It’s been easy to miss in a week of Mass Effect 3 hype, GDC, Peter Molyneux leaving Microsoft and Fossil Excavation Area hitting PS Home. So in case you did miss it, there’s a Director’s Cut of Deadly Premonition in the works and it will be released on PlayStation 3 in Europe. At last.

This makes up for us missing out on Deadly Premonition first time round. It was released for PlayStation 3 in Japan only, with the European release only happening on Xbox 360. Boo! Hiss! Etc.

What is Deadly Premonition? God. How do we even begin to answer. You play FBI agent Francis York Morgan, investigating the murder of Anna Graham. He has an alternate personality, Zach, who he talks to and hears replies from even though no-one else can see or hear him. He looks into coffee to see clues for the case. There are cutscenes when he’ll talk about about sandwiches and movies and fashion for five minutes or longer.

It’s a sort of survival horror mystery open world thing. The combat is awful and we’d say the graphics were terrible even if this had been a Dreamcast game.

It has some ambitious ideas but they’re all implemented in such a wonky fashion. You have to wash every day and if you don’t, flies will eventually start buzzing around you except to show that flies are buzzing around you, they’ve been inflated to mutant size and buzz around you even during cutscenes. There’s a fuel counter for your car, which adds an extra touch of realism and an extra bigger touch of frustration when you run out of fuel mid-drive and have to run into town.

It looks awful. It plays awful. At times, Deadly Premonition is awful. But it also has the most endearing characters and compelling story, thanks to how bizarre it is. There have been plenty of comparisons to Twin Peaks and that helps explain the madness of Deadly Premonition but not completely. There’s no way to explain how bizarre it is really. It has created plenty of memes (“Right Zach?” and “So says Mr Stewart”) and slowly earned its own cult following.

The best way to understand is to experience it yourself and fortunately, we’ll be able to do that soon enough with the Director’s Cut. There’s no word on when it will be released or what extra content it will pack, bar Move compatibility, but at least we finally get Deadly Premonition on PlayStation 3. So says Mr Stewart.

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  • dieseltulip

    Definitely one of the most memorable games I’ve played ever. Was looking at importing Red seeds profile from japan but now I don’t have to bother which is very good news for me.

  • Stranger

    GAH! And I *just* imported Red Seeds Profile (Jap version of DP) *two* days before this news broke out, and am just hearing about it all today. -_- I’d been holding out for a PS3 localization, but gave up on it.

    Anyway, you sure it’s exclusive to PS3? I don’t think that it’s ever been stated that it’s NOT coming to Xbox, just that it is coming to PS3 in English.

    Anyway, Move support seems kind of… odd for this game. I really hope they don’t change too much, to the point of where it loses its essence. Extra stuff is welcome, as long as it doesn’t kill the ambiguity of the story. But I want the graphics, the music and the gameplay to stay mostly intact. If anything maybe just refine the combat a tad, fix the map, and present the side-quests in a manner where they’re a lot easier to figure out. Maybe tweak some of the poor sound design here and there as well, but that’s it!

  • Ryan King

    Stranger – you’re right, changed the headline. Haven’t seen confirmation of it coming to Xbox 360 but haven’t seen it confirmed as an exclusive so either way, the headline was wrong. My bad.

    I can’t really think of how Move integration will work with this. Maybe to help clean up some of the shooting but… I don’t know. The controls just generally seem too clunky and awkward for Move integration to nearly slide in there.

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