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Dead Space is Dead

Dead Space is Dead

EA have cancelled development on Dead Space 4, essentially killing the series, after Dead Space 3 failed to achieve its anticipated sales. Speaking with VideoGamer.com, an anonymous source familiar with the unannounced project gave insight into Dead Space 3’s troubled development.

Apparently, Dead Space 4 has been in pre-production for a little while at Visceral Games, but disappointing Dead Space 3 figures led to EA execs visiting the studio last month to announce the project’s termination and a restructuring within the company. Visceral Montreal is actually rumoured to have closed as a result.

Dead Space 3 was apparently cancelled mid-way through its development and saw continuous budget cuts through its production. Weapon-specific ammo was replaced with a generic catch-all system to facilitate micro-transactions and Visceral were advised on numerous occasions to aim for a heavier action-focus and ape the style of Mass Effect to appeal to more people. It’s an interesting tale and well worth a read.

So, are you upset about what seems like the end of Dead Space? We can’t say we mind too much. A series that once boasted huge potential has become increasingly less enjoyable, culminating in the flaccid and underwhelming Dead Space 3. If EA divert their attention to interesting new IP once again, some good could yet come from this unfortunate situation.

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  • Raiden93

    HA! The irony! They made Dead Space 3 a Gears of War ripoff to make it “more accessible to a wider audience”. And it sold like crap. The same with Capcom and Devil May Cry. They ruined one of the best franchises, and one of the best video game characters, by turning DMC into a modern-emo-beat-em-up. And it also sold like crap.
    Look at longer running series that stayed true to its roots, like Metal Gear Solid. Sure it’s not accessible to everyone, but it’s successful, and Konami/Kojima are happy with it. You don’t see them turning Snake into a homosexual black guy who sells drugs, they don’t turn it into a third person shooter. No. None of that.
    Point is, don’t change whats already a success to make it more successful, because everyone hates change.

  • Joey

    EA have absolutely no passion in any artful side of games and I aggree completely with above comment.
    Dead Space had such potential, the first being a really exciting start to a franchise. You could see EA’s input in DS2 with the needless multiplayer and excessive action. I didn’t buy the third because from what I saw it was no longer a horror survival game, just a generic co-op action game. I mean the entire PR pre release was trying to persuade us otherwise when it should’ve been blatant.
    It’s so hard nowadays to find developers who care for the games over the wider audience. A lot can be learned from companies like Valve, quality over quantity which goes against EA’s moneymaking principles yet Valve make huge profit. So well done EA for shooting yourselves in the foot and ruining potential.
    This is disheartening news for me as a casual gamer who appreciates a good story over gameplay.