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Dead Space 3: The Most Terrifying Entry Yet

Dead Space 3: The Most Terrifying Entry Yet


As E3 conferences go, EA’s wasn’t as bad as Microsoft’s or Nintendo’s. Maybe that was because the last two were as enjoyable as having gasoline poured into your eyes, but hey! EA had Dead Space 3.


Which should have been something to celebrate, but instead it gave us The Fear. Because instead of seeing more of what we love, instead we got some Gears Of War co-op shenanigans, complete with combat rolls and cover.


Which would be fine (maybe) if co-op was a separate mode, an all-action side-story. But it’s not. Dead Space 3’s co-op is drop-in, drop-out. The game will be catered for this type of play. We’re into Resident Evil 5 territory.


Which is fine: Resi 5 was a good action game. But one of the reasons people loved Dead Space was that it, erm, wasn’t Resi 5. It was tense, maybe even actually scary in places. It had a lot of action, but you were also quite vulnerable, clunking around in your suit with little actual combat training.


So to see two players combat rolling and swearing like some sort of horrible space-based Army Of Two sequel is distressing. Don’t get us wrong, there were some spectacular moments in there, and if this is – again – just a demo of the most action-packed sections to lure the punters in then fine.


If the whole game is like that however EA is in danger of losing the very thing that made people flock to the franchise: fear.  And then it should be afraid.

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  • gio

    i had the same feeling about the demo,from what we have seen it seems the game has totally lost what made it so great.i was drooling over the idea of cheerfully jump from my seat with a friend,dammit EA you ruined one of the best games of this generation!

  • Edvig

    Actually, on the official Twitter-page, one of the developers told that co-op will be separate from single-player experience, so this article is incorrect. Don’t worry, everything will be ok.

  • wolf

    dude u stole the words directly from ma mouth! thats exactly what i mean… all this cliched action sequences… i mean cmon im not even thrilled with the action any more.. cuz maybe i dont know.. ‘EVERY RECENT FRIGGIN GAME HAS IT’… from tomb raider to uncharted to gears to halo… i mean cmon where’s the epicness if u see it every here and there… i think EA shud pull this straight… and about the fans… i dnt know why do we even call them fans… it was the FANS who ruined a perfect horror survival game called Resident evil.. ever heard of it? i bet not… the only horror survival thing left in those are zombies feeling horrified of chris’ huge biceps and leaon’s crazy flying kicks! all im trying to say is that doing what every one is doing is not always the good thing… we need devs who shud not think of sales before creativity… all they want is to incorporate online so every other guy wud want to try it cuz it’s INN these days… we need masterpiece like SHADOW OF COLOSSUS,, u can see passion and heart in that game… ok i may have strayed a bit far… but yeah all i want to say is EA and visceral.. Cmon guys dont forget your core… this is dead space… not Lost planet! even lost planet is taking a new direction… we have seen a lot of action in games… now we want that feel back… the feel that attracts a core gamer.. cuz what hardcore gamers want these days… im better be called a core or true gamer than an ichy trigger fingered yahoo!

  • Macethy

    I really dont understand why everyone calls Dead Space a “horror” game. Disturbing? Sure. Gory? Absolutly! Not once in both games did I honestly feel scared. I think the entire internet just has it in its head that Dead Space is a “horror” game and get pertrified at the mear mention of it, but play the games and actually feeling scared is not what I associate Dead Space with.

    Anyway, i have FULL faith in Visceral games. Both Dead Space 1 & 2 were amazing, even Dante’s Inferno was fin and enjoyable. I believe that they wouldnt have put in a co-op mode just for the sake of it, or to sell more copies, they must have legitimate reasons its in there and im convinced there will be amazing story pieces to make it seem worth while. Yes they did introduce rolling and hiding behind cover, but if you watch the E3 presentation, Isaac and buddy are being shot at by humans, you would have to be a fool not to want to take cover behind something if youre being shot at!

    I cant wait for Dead Space 3 and will glady put my money down today, thats how much faith i have in Visceral games and Dead Space 3.