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Dead Space 2 screens, with one super-exclusive

Dead Space 2 screens, with one super-exclusive

It’s strange looking at these shots, and some of the earlier ones released, as it would appear that I, in taking our screens for the Dead Space 2 review in issue 201, have spotted a number of very similar instances in which to take shots. In less waffley terms: screens wot I dun look like ones wot EA dun.

It’s a good-looking game, but that doesn’t mean anything. It might be terrible to play. It might be great. I know, but I’m not allowed to give anything away. But just to be rebellious, here’s a screen of the game that I grabbed – exclusive and one you won’t find anywhere else:

These other screens, though, are from GameSpot. Which is nice.

Dead Space 2 is out on about the 28th of January, and it is really [redacted], and definitely [redacted] worth your [redacted]. And that’s my [redacted] opinion.

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  • Garan

    1 exclusive screen,is that all I logged on for?God this day is going slow.

  • Joey

    All you logged on for? You didn’t “log” on. You opened a web page and read it’s contents, or rather looked at it’s pictures. Logged in maybe? Well you couldn’t have because then there would have to be a members section of the website. Which, Play, would be a good idea if you could spare the time.
    I don’t know if I should elaborate because I’m not sure if these comments are even read. It would be nice if my need to comment on everything on a dozey Sunday morning had a use though, which they may or may not. Probably not.