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David Jaffe, Twisted Metal And The Online Pass

David Jaffe, Twisted Metal And The Online Pass

The online pass is a source of constant, burning hatred for us here at Play. FIFA 12 was in part ruined by it, Batman: Arkham City was a laughing stock thanks to it, Need For Speed: The Run made us cry salty tears of fury because of it – basically, we don’t like them.

So it’s good to see the likes of David Jaffe, top bod at Eat, Sleep, Play and current megamind behind the upcoming PS3 version of Twisted Metal, saying he doesn’t want the game to have one of the evil bastard passes. Though he doesn’t say he’s diametrically opposed to them, it’s fair to point out.

Talking to Eurogamer, the man who is one of our favourite people in games said of the controversial system (we say it’s controversial because we’ve decided it is and we’re trying to force the agenda down your throats):

“I know that we have been asked to look into some code work for it but I don’t believe that a decision has been made at this point. Or if it has been made it has not been shared with me yet.

“I’d actually prefer that we don’t do it, even though it’s probably good business, only because we have such a mountain to climb in terms of gaining people’s good faith, especially in Europe, and really letting people know that this is a title that’s worth getting excited about.”

So that sounds sensible. But does it mean no online pass in Twisted Metal? Of course not – it means whatever Sony decides, happens. But Jaffe wouldn’t be weeping himself raw if the game shipped without the second-hand sales blocker:

“I’m okay with the fact that we might lose sales on this first game if, because of it, we generate a lot of fans that otherwise wouldn’t have played the game. The online is so much the bread and butter of this game, so I’m okay with it because it means we’re setting ourselves up for a possible return to the franchise one day.

“It’s not my call and I’d totally understand if Sony as a company said ‘Look, this is a mandate that permeates all of our titles. We’re not making selective choices’. Those are decisions that I’m no longer privy to as I don’t work for Sony any more.”

You all know where our vote goes, and we agree with Jaffe’s reasoning – especially in regards to Twisted Metal not being the biggest of franchises over on these fine European shores. But the way things are going, we can’t see it being any other way, annoyingly. Ah well.

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  • I agree the online passes are ridiculous, another way of making money out of gamers, which considering some of us can barely afford to get along as is, means we have to then shell out just to use online, how long before you need to shell out just to play the game itself cos of the stupid passes. I have been a gamer for many years and truth be told I miss simplistic gaming experiences like the mega drive (I still own 1 somewhere) We have supported the gaming industry for years and they are just trying to rob us blind! I agree in some respects piracy is out of hand but between DRM and online passes gaming is becoming almost frustrating at times. (On the point of Need for Speed personally I think the series lost it after Carbon!)