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David Cage talks motion controller. Again


David Cage has once again stated that Quantic Dream are seriously looking into uses for the PlayStation motion controller/Wand/MoCon/Voodoo Stick. While he wasn’t actually talking about motion control in Heavy Rain – beyond the shakey-sixaxis action we’ve already talked about – Cage did say these words to Destructoid:

“I am curious to see what can be done with more mature games, if it can be used to support immersion and create a new way of playing. Quantic Dream will definitely experiment with the Wand in the near future.”

Of course, Cage’s statements just echo what he told NowGamer a couple of months ago. Not that we’re boasting we got there first or anything…

Heavy Rain will be released soon and we should have a review in Play coming around the same time the game is out – February 26. So why not read what we think on it first before you judge it for being a shaving simulator? You know it makes sense.

[via Destructoid]

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