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Call Of Duty: Ghosts coming in November

Call Of Duty: Ghosts coming in November

There are three constants in life: death, taxes and a new Call Of Duty game every year. Love them or loathe them, as long as Activision keep making millions of dollars each time, they’ll keep pumping them out.

The recently launched teaser site has been updated with the text “The Ghosts Are Real”, all but confirming the speculated name. The rumoured release date of November 6 has yet to be confirmed, but considering every other leaked detail has now turned out to be true, we’d bank good money on that being the day.

Little else is known about Call Of Duty: Ghosts, although judging from the cover image it looks to be in a similar modern setting to Infinity Ward’s other recent titles. Quotes calling the game “the next-generation Call Of Duty” have raised expectations that Ghosts will launch on PlayStation 4 and the next Xbox as well as current consoles and PC.

So, speculation. Will you play as Ghost from Modern Warfare 2? Will it be a survival horror game? Will it have guns in? Will most people playing it online be way too young to have purchased an 18-rated game? Will it be exactly the bloody same? Will it sell millions anyway? Yes to all the above. Perhaps.


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  • Jordan

    Yippee, can’t wait. The Call of Duty franchise is so fresh and exciting with all of the entries being totally unpredictable and featuring exciting new mechanics and elements. Not to mention the fantastic community who enrich every fun-filled game online.