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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Reveal Revealed For Real

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Reveal Revealed For Real


Black Ops 2 (well, we think it’s Black Ops 2) is coming!  You knew that though, akin to the same way you know that the sun will rise each day. Sure there’s a chance that it won’t, but if so something’s gone horribly wrong.


Anyway ‘teaser’ images from Black Ops 2 – or Eclipse, the codename according to Kotaku – are starting to do the rounds. They might be the worst teaser images ever, seeing as they appear to have been taken at night on a shoe by a mole but hey: it’s nice to see them anyway. More will be revealed as time goes by.


What they say about the next installment is obviously up for debate, but there appears to be guns involved. There’s also marketing material turning up (again, thanks Kotaku) with the tagline ‘Return For Debriefing’ and the date 2/5/12, which is the day after the reveal. Hmmm.


Your guess is as good as ours as to the content of the story – although the un-redacted intel files dotted throughout the original Blops suggests Price kills Mason after the events of the game – but surely there has to be some radical change afoot for the series.


Not in terms of multiplayer, of course: that cash cow is never going to truly change, and for good reason. The single player however has got to get a shake up, right?


Maybe not. After all, why change what’s not broken? While we’re sure that the game isn’t going to turn into a full-blown RTS or anything, we’d like Treyarch (if indeed it’s them developing it) to make some big changes.


We’d love four player co-op, one of World At War’s few stand out features, to return for a start. It probably won’t, but hey.


It’s the setting that we’re more interested in however. We’re a bit bored of 20th  and 21st century combat if we’re honest. Maybe it’s time for the series to branch out. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 set in Imperial Rome? Why not, the plot won’t be any more or less nonsensical than it has been before.


What we’re saying is that Call of Duty doesn’t need to change as far as making tonnes of money is concerned, but we’d still like it to. Our best guess for the direction Treyarch will be heading in is probably just an expansion of the Blops storyline, maybe set in the 70s and 80s, probably with some allusion to real-life incidents from the time (Iranian embassy siege?) and hopefully not starring Sam Worthington and his magical accent that manages to be British, American and Australian all at once.


That said, this Eclipse business is interesting. As noted in the Kotaku link earlier, the supposed release date of the game coincides with a total solar eclipse. Neat coincidence, or hint at something more futuristic for the series? We hope so, if just to see the fanboy reaction.


Either way, let’s just make sure it doesn’t feature the noobtube in it in any way shape or form, eh?


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