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But which PlayStation game are Chelsea like?

Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti made an off the cuff remark that means he is being reported all over gaming news sites (or at least NewsNow). Basically, in the wake of his team’s 6-0 victory over Wigan Athletic, he said these words with his mouth:

“It is impossible to think we are always to score six goals in a game, this is not real football, this is PlayStation. It never happened to me, but we have to stay in focus for the next game, try to win the next game and show good football.”

Fair enough – getting a few massive victories in a row (with an end of season break inbetween a couple of them, of course) is pretty rare in real life football, so it’s easy to understand where he’s coming from. Real football is a big victory, followed by a stupid loss, followed by an unexpected draw, followed by a scraped win etc etc. It isn’t 12 goals in two games and none conceded. But which PlayStation game is Ancelotti talking about? Let’s guess:

Pro Evolution Soccer
Because Malouda has always been good in this series, even before he was actually good in the Premiership.

Because defenders are prone to making stupid mistakes, just like John Terry often does.

Pure Football
Probably not this one, as Steven Gerrard is nothing to do with Chelsea. Also Chelsea play a good game of football.

Football Manager
If Ancelotti is using a downloaded tactic (sometimes called ‘cheating’) then it’s well within the boundaries of expectation to get lots of massive wins on the trot. Then lose to a League Two side after having 37 shots on target and their git of a keeper plays a 10 and you just want to sta… ahem.

The PS2 version of Pro Evo is still very different to its bigger brother. It’s faster, better-flowing and still great fun even though it’s quite old. In other words, this is probably what Ancelotti meant.

So there you have it. That’s our guess, based on the fact the Chelsea manager clearly wanted us to over-analyse his comment in such a daft way. As you were.

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  • Melroy

    Nice :). Wonder if there’s any NON-football games that you can compare Chelsea to as well haha 😛