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Burning Skies Was “Interesting” (Not ‘Good’) – Insomniac CEO

Burning Skies Was “Interesting” (Not ‘Good’) – Insomniac CEO

Some skies burning, yesterday.

The Resistance series, dead now as it is, was meant to compete with Halo. We’ve already read that statement on five sites this morning, so we thought we’d fit in with the cool kids.

Anyway, an interview with Ted Price, CEO of Insomniac, is up over at Kotaku (they do print interesting stuff sometimes!) and it has an explanation of why he thinks the series never really took off like it should have.

Read it, it’s interesting.

But there’s something towards the end far more interesting, that has had us gossiping like the little gossipy so-and-sos we are.

You never want to put words in someone’s mouth – implying or inferring meaning from the words somebody else has said is inaccurate at best, libellous at worst. So it is we definitely haven’t fed your mind with suspicion before presenting you with what Price said when asked if he liked the Vita’s Resistance: Burning Skies:

“We were really happy that Nihilistic went ahead and created their own vision of Resistance, and we feel very close to the franchise because we created it, but it’s always interesting to see what other people do with it.

“I thought that what they did with the game made a lot of sense, in terms of the decisions that they came to with their core mechanics. So I felt like it stayed true to the universe. Frankly, I was spending a lot more time playing our own games.”

On a totally unrelated note, who can explain what a politician would answer a question like? No idea why that jumped to mind.

If you haven’t played it yet, go and play Resistance 3 – it’s easily the best game in the series and shows there was a lot more life in the franchise before it was summarily executed.

By Nihilistic.

Then the series was cancelled.


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  • eelay

    i thought the first resistance game was the best, sure the game play and graphics were nothing special but the way the story was told was i thought very well done and something different in the overcrowded FPS market. the second game was poor and that killed off any chances of resistance being a ‘halo beater’ the third game was more like the first but by then the damage had been done. why must every game be set in AMERICA? they should have stayed in the UK and gone into EUROPE like the PSP game RESISTANCE RETRIBUTION. maybe ending up in RUSSIA where it all started.