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Battlefield 3: 20% Play ‘Almost Offline’

Battlefield 3: 20% Play ‘Almost Offline’

Peter Moore has revealed a rather un-startling statistic concerning Battlefield 3: around 20% of people play the game ‘almost offline’. They have an online connection, download stats, updates and whatever else, but don’t really bother actually playing the game online, against other real humans.

Well, other humans. The ‘real’ part is up for debate.

Speaking to Kotaku, Moore said:

“Our telemetry might tell us that as many as 20% just want to play almost offline—connected yet offline.”

Are you a part of the 20%? I think I am, but not in the sense being spoken of here – mainly because I see Battlefield 3 as an online game and, beyond review purposes, haven’t bothered with the single-player campaign. But other games: I rarely bother with their online modes outside of what’s necessary for the job.

Yet I stay connected. I download the updates. I pay attention to the DLC. I’ve even (whisper this part) redeemed some online passes then never actually used the game online. For that I apologise. Though only a bit.

But there’s a lot of games out there with perfectly good online modes I will never bother with, and I know I’m not alone in this. It’s interesting for Moore to put a percentage on it, though, and nice to see that – at least from the Battlefield 3 stat – there’s a fair few of us out there.

Though it still doesn’t apply to me personally with BF3, so yeah, there’s that mild contradiction.

Then again, this is the same Peter Moore that gave us the cast-iron prediction England would win the 2010 World Cup, laying out reasons from the season the tournament would be played in (winter) to the amount of experience the squad then had together.

And look how that worked out. We can’t trust your claims and predictions Peter, not after that. It hurts too much.

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  • stephen

    bf3 is pants, mw3 miles ahead , if own both

  • HankBizzle

    I was a big Battle Field fan up until BF3 came out. I actually quite hate the game and it has ruined my love for all the older BF games too.
    Seriously though anyone who only plays the single player in that game is a poor sad fool, it is absolutely terrible.

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