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Assassin’s Creed III Needs To Improve To Be A True Sequel

Assassin’s Creed III Needs To Improve To Be A True Sequel


If leaked images are to be believed, Assassin’s Creed III will be revealed on March 5. We all knew that it was coming – after all, a year without a new Ass Creed is like a year without loads of money for Ubisoft – but it’s nice to see some artwork that supposedly confirms our suspicions that it would be set during the American Revolution.


This has made making certain members of the Play team very happy. We say certain because some of us (me included) think that Assassin’s Creed needs to up its game. After a patchy initial offering was followed by a superb sequel, the games have fallen into an increasingly predictable, creaking pattern, with superfluous features papering over ever more apparent cracks.


It’s still a massively enjoyable franchise, but as we said in our review of Revelations it’s starting to succeed despite its mechanics, not because of them.


All this has to change. Despite appearances the Ass Creed series isn’t about stealth: it can’t be, what with outdated AI and faulty game logic underpinning most player interactions. Ubisoft has been working on Ass Creed III for some time: is a total overhaul on the cards?


It better be. We like to think that smaller teams have been churning out the sequels to Ass Creed II while a larger one has been put to work on part III, retooling the franchise, chucking out what doesn’t work (which is a frightening amount) and keeping what does.


Top of our list of changes has to be the aforementioned stealth mechanic. Woefully inconsistent, it does an efficient job of pulling you right out of the games’ excellent world-building. This needs to change.


Next up: ditch all the ancillary guff that no-one cares about. Tower defence? No. Bomb-making? Nah.


Then add in things like, oh we don’t know, maybe actual assassination mechanics. As in, more scope for your kills that don’t just amount to jamming a bit of metal into someone’s skull. Make it like Hitman in this regard. Accidents, poisoning, etc. Strip away all the fat and make it a leaner, more focused experience.


Assassin’s Creed III has a great setting. Let’s hope it has the gameplay to match.


Thanks to Kotaku for the heads-up and the image

  • Tommy drew

    I think it would be a new twist to the storyline of the other games but im not sure if its for the better or worse.

  • Rhys

    I’m going to feel so un-patriotic having to kill our own ancestors…

  • dieseltulip

    I think they need to give the new assassin the ability to crouch.