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6 Things We Want To See In 007 Legends

6 Things We Want To See In 007 Legends


6. A Sean Connery Button


Having a button to make your character ad-lib is nothing new in videogames. Just look at Duke Nukem 3D, 50 Cent: Blood On The Sand and Scarface: each one had a swear button, improving the experience roughly 5,000%.


But it would be uncouth of Bond to swear, so instead we’d like to see a Connery button. Pressing, say, L1, would see Bond come out with a Classic Connery Quip (TM).


Some choice favourites:




‘Red wine with fish: well that should have told me something’


‘Man talk’


‘I think they were on their way to a funeral’


‘It’s just the right size…for me that is’.



5. The Development Studio Not To Get Shut Down After It Comes Out


We still miss you, Bizarre Creations. Sob.



4. Time Travel


Wherein the various Bonds cross over into each others’ movies. Sort of like TimeSplitters Future Perfect. For example, Sean Connery in Moonraker! Roger Moore in Casino Royale! George Lazenby in the bin!



3. The Entirety Of GoldenEye To Be On The Disc


Not the game: everyone knows that only nostalgia-addled fools want that. We mean the movie, being as it is the best recent Bond by some way. We’d say Casino Royale, but that movie has about 57 acts. We’re not sure it even finishes.



2. It Not To Be Just Call Of Duty With A Bond Skin


Not that there’s anything really wrong with that, but we hope the devs look at GoldenEye 007, which has objectives that scale with the difficulty, and try and deviate from the COD template, even slightly.



1. It To Be In Third Person


Because although we’re not sure whether it’ll have the image rights to the various actors, it better enable us to see all those lovely clothes: Sean Connery’s white jacket, Roger Moore’s flares, Timothy Dalton’s scowl.