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4 Things We Want To Hear From Take-Two’s Investor Call

4 Things We Want To Hear From Take-Two’s Investor Call


4. Release Date


Fairly obvious this one, even if we doubt it’ll be included. That said it’s starting to grate that we’ve heard nothing about anything release date related. Dream scenario: Take-Two ‘pull a Sega’ and announce that the game is out now. Right this second. NOW. As a result work productivity falls 9,000% and the nation falls to pieces as no-one bothers to attend the Olympics, no matter if they’re working, participating or simply observing. Rockstar laugh manically.


3. DLC Plans


Before you hulk out, remember this is GTA we’re talking about: the DLC for IV was actually good, and we expect the same to be true of any post-release content for V. Dream Scenario: Rockstar announce that it’s including E3 as DLC, with the lead characters being the Play team as they progressively get more angry at overlapping appointments, culminating in a city-wide rampage.


2. Vita Compatibility


While we’re in absolute dreamland here, let’s hope that ol’ Strauss Zelnick and co decide to simply let it all hang out and start blabbing mindlessly, revealing that yes, GTA V will have Vita compatibility, with you being able to check the map, manage your inventory, and keep an eye on the money laundering operation that will definitely play a large part in the game.


1. Some Noise About Multiplayer


Why would they be talking about this? Why not eh? Something about PlayStation Network. Either way we need them to announce that Cops and Crooks is back. Do that, Rockstar, and we’re golden.



Thanks, VG247.

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  • I think that if GTA V will be released on the Sony Ps Vita, it will be “life changing” for all gamers out there. Playing such a good game anywhere and anytime we want, online if we have the Ps Vita 3G, would be fabulous.

  • But, I am 85% sure that there will be a Ps Vita version, maybe a couple of months after the official game release, but Sony will make millions if GTA V is released on the Ps Vita.