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10 Most Disappointing Releases Of 2011 – Survey

10 Most Disappointing Releases Of 2011 – Survey

Perhaps it was inevitable given all the build-up – 12 years! I was only 16 when they started making it! Etc – but Duke Nukem Forever has officially been crowned the most disappointing game of the past year, as discovered in a survey by Playr2.

You can still read Ian’s initial reaction to playing through Duke Nukem Forever as it became clear it wasn’t even going to come close to living up to those expectations, while I’m also going to mention Play 208 goes on sale tomorrow. Why am I mentioning that? Because we tracked down four of the original Duke Nukem developers, from all those 15 years ago, to get their thoughts on the latest Duke and what went wrong…

So here’s the full list. Some are justified (Crysis 2) while some are harsh (Dead Space II) but we’d love to hear your thoughts on what the Playr2 survey found…

Most Disappointing Games of the Past Year:

1 ) Duke Nukem Forever
2 ) Dragon Age II
3 ) Crysis II
4 ) LA Noire
5 ) Brink
6 ) Killzone 3
7 ) Dead Space II
8 ) Need For Speed: Shift 2
9 ) Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare
10 ) Marvel vs Capcom 3 – Fate of Two Worlds

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  • Sid

    I can’t ignore the fact that 6 of these are all sequels! Come on, what happened to games which developed into BETTER sequels?

  • Scrum

    RDR Undead Nightmare is an expansion pack so really can’t be counted in my opinion..
    LA Noire was great, I don’t understand how it’s a disappointment. Sure, it’s not a normal Rockstar game, but if you think it is, then you didn’t research it at all before you bought it, which is your own fault really.
    Also I’m surprised Dead Space 2 is on that list given the good reviews for it, but I’ve not played it so I don’t know in all honesty. I do know it’s only £10 in my local game shop though.
    I think this ‘survey’ just states the obvious overall, but has some stupid choices in there. 😛

  • stephen

    i agree with the list, bar killzone , dead space and rdr undead nightmare

  • eelay

    having baught and played both killzone 3 and crysis 2 i can say they deffo shouldn’t be on this list! crysis 2 was a good game but killzone 3 was brilliant, far better than killzone 2! i havnt played the others but i think l.a noire shouldn’t be slated for being different.

  • Lee

    I cant believe killzone 3 is in there it is a Fantastic game online and offline. as for duke I dont think im ever going to be as disappointed in any game no matter how bad it is after playing that. And I liked brink. Played dragon age origins and thought it was rubbish so im not going to play the second. And LA Noire looks like the most boring game ever made baring duke of course.

  • The Deleted

    It’s not that LA Noire was different, or wasn’t what was expected. A lot of us were banking on it being different, god knows gaming needs different. But it was just so arbitrary and, more unforgivably, flat out fucking dull.

  • Conor

    I totally agree with dragon age 2 being very dissapointing,i disagree with RDR undead nightmare being on the list,it was great dlc and good value for money.

  • Glenn1873

    I agree with la noire being on this, the idea, concept and story were actually good but the game just repeated itself over and over. investigate crime scene, find clues, interview people, end up chasing on foot/car the suspect, catch/kill the suspect. It got very boring very quickly in my opinion

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