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UFC Neven Dravinski Interview: Uncut

UFC Neven Dravinski Interview: Uncut

NevenDravinskiUFC Undisputed 2010 producer Neven Dravinski speaks to Play about the upcoming sequel to one of 2009’s most exciting fighters.

What are the plans for the create a fighter mode this time around?

The big change is the hands the fighters use. We’ve added southpaw so you can dictate which is the dominant hand. They’ll be a big improvement as far as visuals go as we wanted to match the new photo realistic fighters in the main game.

When did you make the decision to go photo realistic with the roster?

We wanted to give players the best experience possible and a big strength of UFC is the size of its roster, so we wanted to get as many of them in as possible. It wasn’t easy though as these guys live all over the world so we had to send photographers all over to make sure we got all the reference material we needed. It took a lot of global organisation and collaboration to get it done but UFC were great and gave us everything we needed.

The control system in 2009 was fairly complex and for 2010 you’re adding new combat modifiers, how are you going to keep it accessible to a casual audience?

I think the dynamic of ‘easy to pick up but difficult to master’ existed in the first game and it remains for this one we’ve just added more variety and extra levels of depth. The new features are there to encourage you to try and learn them in order to become a better fighter. In the last game the close combat didn’t have as much effect as the ranged blows but with the advent of the sways and leans we’ve revolutionised the way the game is played, there’s less of as tendency to stand back and then suddenly wade in, now you can get in close and experiment with new moves. But of course you can still stand off if you want much like you did before but now there’s a whole new level to combat. We’ve given people the tools to do much more if they want to.

Given the success of the first game was it not tempting to keep the changes to a minimum?

That gets brought up a lot, but our team is hyper competitive not just with the competition but within our own team, if someone isn’t cutting in then we’re pretty vocal about it. No one gets the chance to coast – we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to crush the last game because with 2009 we felt we got close but there was still lots of things we wanted to improve and all we saw were the areas we wanted to improve. So there’s certainly not sitting back.

With EAs game on the horizon has that given you extra impetus to ensure this is the best MMA out there?

Well, Madden’s a great game… No, as I said we’re very competitive and to us our only competition is ourselves, we don’t know what they’re doing and they don’t know what we’re doing. Our big advantage is that we have Dana White, he demands excellence and having a guy like that around pushes us to be the best we can be and make the best game possible. The need to be number one permeates through his whole organisation and that extends to this game.

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