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UFC Dana White Interview: Uncut

UFC Dana White Interview: Uncut

DanaWhitePlay sat down with UFC President Dana White recently and you can read the full, uncut interview below.

The last game featured classic fights and feuds, what is your favourite fight during your tenure at the UFC?

My favourite fight is Frank Tring verses Matt Hughes 2. It took place at the MGM Grand and was truly one of the best fights I’ve ever seen.

If you could pair up any two UFC fighters for a showdown, who would it be?

I do it all it all the time, the great thing about UFC is that we can do that. Unlike boxing where everyone wants to see Manny Pacquio verses Floyd Maywether, but they can’t make the fight, here if people want to see the fight, I’ll make the fights.

Are you in the game again?
Yeah I’m in there, we’ve tried to make this thing as real as possible so when you’re playing the game it feels like you’re actually watching UFC with all the elements there, me included.

Do you think the game has opened up a whole new audience for UFC?

Hell yeah, it’s such a great marketing tool. People all over the world are playing this game that have never seen UFC but as they’re playing they are learning about the various submissions and holds as well as who the fighters are. That’s why keeping it as real as possible is very important to us.

When the first game was being made did you certain demands about what you wanted to see in there?

We were very involved in making the game and in getting it rolling but the great thing about THQ is that these guys are so dedicated that they actually started taking Jujitsu and Mau Thai classes to make sure they were getting it right.

When you play the game do you play it straight or create an uber killing machine?

No, I suck at this game and every time I play somebody kicks my ass. When we first started doing this on the tour I was undefeated but as the fighters started playing it more they got better, George St-Pierre was the first one to beat me up in Montreal then everyone started beating me.

Which fighter is the best at the game?

That’s a good question because they’re all pretty good. When they start to train all they do is train, eat, sleep and play videogames so they’ve got a lot of time to practice.

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