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Lara Croft Speaks – Alison Carroll Interview

Lara Croft Speaks – Alison Carroll Interview

Play had the the great privilege to speak to outgoing Lara Croft model Alison Carroll in issue 203 (on sale now). He for your perusal is the full transcript of our conversation with her thoughts on the new Tomb Raider game and her time as the embodiment of Lara Croft.

Play: What was the most daunting aspect of being the official Tomb Raider model?
Alison Carroll: Living up to the expectations of millions of gamers favourite action heroine.

Play: How did you find the experience of embodying such a popular persona?
AC: I loved the whole experience.  It was hard work, but it gave me the opportunity to travel the world and experience countries I could only ever dream of going to.  Not only that I got to perform crazy stunts, such as rock climbing, scuba diving and drive a Maserati around a race track…. What other kind of job enables you to do such adventurous activities, meet amazing people and have the time of your life?

Play: What was the strangest experience you had as the Tomb Raider model?
AC: I remember in Poland, doing a signing for fans at a department store and it was the most surreal experience having Tomb Raider fans queuing up outside the store to meet Lara/Me.  It was only then, that I realised how loved and popular the Tomb Raider franchise had become.

Play: Were there any unusual fan requests? Could you give us an example?
AC: Haha… I had a few marriage proposals from fans!

Play: Are there any interesting behind-the-scenes stories from your time as the Tomb Raider model?
AC: I remember in South Africa being chased by security because I had weapons on me…that was kind of scary.  To be honest there are so many funny stories, I should write a book!

Play: What do you think of the new recently revealed Lara Croft look?
AC: She looks so real doesn’t she?  I am very excited about playing the game.

Play: You’ve also started a career as an actress. How do the two professions compare?
AC: I trained as an actress before I became the Lara Croft model, and the training had really helped me get into character for the Croft role.  The Lara Croft Model role isn’t really just a “modelling” job, although obviously there were modelling shoots as well.  It is a complete mixture of public speaking, action sequences, interviews, acting and of course modelling too. When I took on the role, I used my action/stunt skills and acting training to help bring the game character to life (I just hope I did the role justice… those are big boots to fill)

Play: How has being the experience of being the Tomb Raider model helped you as an actress?
AC: The experience of being the Tomb Raider Model has really helped me with talking to the media.  Its quite daunting being thrown into the limelight, especially when the character had been played by prestigious Hollywood actress’ such as Angelina Jolie and Rhona Mitra.  The opportunity to play Lara Croft has given me a huge stepping stone to get into movies, and for that I am truly thankful… maybe Hollywood wont be too far away now (fingers crossed)

Play: What was the biggest challenge you faced in transitioning from ‘being’ Lara Croft to becoming an actress?
AC: The main challenge was convincing casting directors that I am a trained actress with some modelling experience, rather then a model with some acting experience. In the industry people tend to pigeon hole you into categories whether that be Dancer/Actor/Singer/Model, but of course many performers have a lot of strings to their bow enabling them to do a few or all of these talents. But I think I am now slowly moving over that hurdle as I am currently shooting an Action film, Amsterdam Heavy playing the lead and have had a feature film premiere in the UK last year named The Kid directed by Nick Moran acting alongside Ioan Gruffudd and Rupert Friend which has won awards. So hopefully movies will be where I am heading.

Play: What does the future hold for you?
AC: I have been cast as the lead in Romantic Comedy film, Love + 1, which is filming in a few weeks alongside Brian Fortuna and a feature film Gridiron UK as a cheerleader (so I will get to do my own stunts again wahoo!) shooting in April.   There are also a few other projects in the pipeline so hopefully this year will be an action packed one, even if its not donning the holsters, guns and rucksack this time… but we will just have to get the ball rolling on a new Tomb Raider film!

Issue 203 of Play is available at all good newsagents and supermarkets as well as via our eShop and available digitally of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad from iTunes.

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