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Call of Duty: Ghosts interview

Call of Duty: Ghosts interview

Play speaks to senior executive producer Marcus Iremonger about the biggest brand in gaming…

Q: What is it that makes Call Of Duty the most popular multiplayer FPS in the world?

A: I think it’s that ability to jump straight in; it’s the super fast matchmaking, it’s straight into the action, and when you are in there it’s immediate and accessible. It’s been about that 60 fps, the immediacy of the controls. Everything is very well known and just works perfectly. It’s about bringing cool stuff in each year that keeps people coming back. That’s the key.


Q: Lag is always an issue in online games, especially one as fast as Call Of Duty. Are there any new ways you are tackling latency to provide a smoother experience?

A: We look at this all the time and it’s something that is constantly in development. I don’t have specific information other than that the teams are constantly working to ensure matchmaking is as smooth and fast as possible.


Q: If you had to choose one thing that sets Ghosts apart from previous COD games, what would it be?

A: For me, it’s giving the player more control over everything they do. The way they look, the way they unlock things, the way they build their loadouts, the way they choose their perks. It’s all about trying to give them a load of control and then layering on some cool things. Prestiging before, if you wanted to prestige you’d lose all your stuff, now you don’t. You can level up to ten characters, each with six loadouts. There’s more flexibility, all the new weapons, everything else, just giving players a ton of new stuff and new ways to modify their core COD experience.


COD_Ghosts_Whiteout_EnvironmentQ: Do you find that pro players come up with strategies and play styles that you, the developers, never even thought of?

A: There’s different ways to play and there are things that they do, I wouldn’t say there are things we wouldn’t think about but it’s really interesting to sit and watch these guys and think ‘ok, maybe I could do that, maybe I could be good enough’. I’m sure personally I wouldn’t be but it’s a great opportunity to see these guys and see what they can do. When the community gets hold of it is when you really see the cool stuff take form.


Q: How long do you think COD can maintain its reign as king?

A: As long as everybody wants to play them, we’ll keep making them. Simple as that.


Q: Most would consider Battlefield to be your main competitor. What do you think Call Of Duty does to set itself apart?

A: I think they are totally different games. We do what we do. We care about making the best COD game we can make.


COD_Ghosts_Strikezone_EnvironmentQ: So do you not really see any other FPS as competition?

A: Personally, all we care about is what we are doing. It’s as simple as that. For us, our main competitor is our last game.


Q: The choice to play as a female soldier was well received today. Why has it taken so long to reach this point?

A: It comes down to that whole thing about allowing players to define themselves. There’s a community that has been asking this stuff for ages, and if you are allowing people to customise the way they appear it’s a natural and obvious choice. A large part of it was actually technology – rendering two different types of models takes a lot of memory in such a fast game. Female soldiers have all this gear on so their hitboxes are the exact same as male ones, so balancing isn’t an issue.

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