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Beyond Good & Evil HD Interview – Uncut

Beyond Good & Evil HD Interview – Uncut

In issue 202 of Play (on sale now) we spoke with Beyond Good & Evil HD associate producer Eric Damian-Vernet. Here you ca read our full interview on how his team is trying to bring a classic back on PS3.

Play: What do you think it was about Beyond Good & Evil that has led it to become such a well-loved title?
EDV: I think BGE is for video games what Blade Runner is for movies – a timeless classic. BGE has aged unbelievably well, and remains, seven years after, a one of a kind experience. It’s escaping to an otherworldly planet – to Hyllis, not to Pandora ;-). It has a very distinct and detailed sci-fi/fantasy backdrop; exotic and charming characters and critters.  It’s colourful, full of emotions and humour. The sheer variety of gameplay challenges and activities, and the top notch production values would still put to shame many recent releases. Games such as BGE are a rare breed in today’s market.

Play: Were you personally a fan of the game before working on the project?
EDV: I was, but some people from the team were not too familiar with the game before the project started. All these younger guys swearing only by their Call of Duty, Fallout or Assassin’s Creed… It was fantastic to see how they got totally sucked into the game as soon as they started playing. The game has held up unbelievably well.

Play: Does Beyond Good & Evil’s status as a classic put more pressure on the team to nail the HD version?
EDV: Indeed. We’ve been very careful when choosing what to modify, or not. For instance, on the one hand, we’re committed to enhance the game visuals up to next-gen standards; on the other hand, we have to preserve the original game’s visual flair. We could have added self-shadowing and normal map, which work great in games with realistic art styles, but eventually decided against them – it wouldn’t have worked with the fantasy cartoon style, some of the original game’s charm would have been lost in the process.

Play: Along with the HD makeover, what else can we look forward to Beyond Good & Evil HD?
EDV: In the original BGE, there was little incentive to go back to the game when the story was over. So now you have 12 achievements and trophies to unlock that encourage players to discover the every nooks and crannies of Hyllis. And for those XBLA and PSN gamers who feel competitive, we’ve added a leader board option.

Play: What is your personal favourite moment from the title?
EDV:It has to be trying to locate Hyllis whales and waiting for one of them to surface to snap a perfect picture. It is quite a beautiful and magic moment in the game.

Issue 202 of Play is on sale now from all good newsagents and supermarkets. You can also order the new issue of Play as well as its back issues from our eShop at ImagineShop.co.uk or you can get the magazine digitally from iTunes for iPad, iPod and iPhone. Check out our page here.

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