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You’re In, For A Good Time

Look, look, look what Rockstar sent us! It’s like some kind of art imitating life, imitating art kind of thing!


So we got sent a crate (or is that box?) of 28 bottles of real GTA IV lager “Pißwasser”, brewed in the Ü-Rhine. The label typically takes the, er, piß, promoting that lager thus, “Enjoy the crisp, salty taste of Pißwasser. The German fighting lager of choice for the more discerning binge drinker. Brewed from rice, barley, hops and the fresh urine of Bavarian virgins.”

There’s a warning too: “May cause karaoke and domestic violence.”

Samuel “tested” several bottles of the stuff last night and had this to say about it, “Last night, I drank eight of those bottles. Alone. I’ve had five-and-a-half hours sleep, which is far below what I need to get through the day, and I forgot to eat breakfast. Essentially, I’ve been debased by Rockstar.

It’s fine beer, though. The greatest compliment I can give to a drink is a positive judgement, based on how smooth it goes down: this one’s a keeper. By the end of Desperate Housewives, I’d drank three bottles in a single hour.

Don’t take that as a reflection of the TV programme – see it as my praise, towards the beer. Apparently, no big drinks manufacturer would take on the task, so it was down to a small brewery to churn out the 50,000 bottles. Eight bottles, a pack of noodles and some fish and chips later, and I think they did a pretty good job. Just 16 bottles left…”

Pißwasser beer: not available in any good off licenses.


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  • Matt Kent

    Haha, nice, Pißwasser is awesome and I really want some as a collectors thang.