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Your Say – Will You Be Going 3D?

9600_390_sony 3D23D on the PS3 is now a reality, even if there wasn’t a huge fanfair to announce it. The big 3D releases (Killzone 3, GT5) are still a little way off of course, but what we want to know is have you been convinced by 3D gaming yet? Will you be investing in a new 3D TV? What would it take to convince you if you’re not sure at the minute?

Let us know what you think by commenting below or visiting the Play Mag Forum where you can see what other Play readers are saying about 3D.

The best comments will be printed in the next issue of Play.

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  • AZZA91

    It’s a no for me, I only recently brought a new HD TV for the World Cup and I will not be running back to John Lewis anytime soon to pick up a 3D TV!

  • Dave Moore

    exactly my point azza91,ive been arguing at work for ages about this.people have only just upgraded for hd tv.sony have brought 3d tvs less than a year after ive upgraded,and many others aswell? the timing is so bad for this its untrue.

  • Sean

    I do agree with the above comments, at the moment 3D is a cutting edge technology so expect to pay a cutting edge price. I’ll probably invest in one in a few years though, it seems its the way forward in gaming that I don’t want to miss.

  • Hannah

    I don’t think I will go 3D as 3D is only just taking off and it might be that its not very good in the future or people just don’t want it but then again it might be a huge success but whats the point in wasting money now when people have only just started buying HD tvs


    I think 3D would be sick on call of duty MW 2(best game evr!) and racing games lige GT or Burnout paradise but i just bought a TV so im not spending $1000 on a new one.