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Your Say – EA Online Pass

Your Say – EA Online Pass


EA has announced that as of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 it will only be giving gamers who buy the title new access to all the online multiplayer features. Those who grab the game pre-owned will have to pay extra to get access to things like head to head games online.

The so called Online Pass is another in a long list of schemes by EA to discourage second hand trading of its titles and earn some amount of money on its titles even after their first sale. The issue of buying pre-owned games (on which the game makers earn nothing) has always been a thorny issue.

Could EA have found a way around it that works? Tell us what you think by posting a comment below or heading over to our forum to discuss the issue there. Hit the LINK. The best comments will be printed in the mag.

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  • koppert79

    What is going to happen with the games industry is going to start becoming specialist in who become games consumers. I wouldnt take a gamble on a franchise if I didn’t know how much I was going to enjoy it for a full game price so i would stick to games that I did like. I can’t see this being healthy for developers.

  • Adam Byrne

    Well, from my experience, my local shops sell second-hand games pretty dear, only around €10 below the price of the new copy; adding this additional charge will seemingly serve to make people just go ahead and buy a new copy, which I guess is good for EA. However, buying a game that’s a year or two old would seem pointless, I for one wouldn’t bother paying a tenner for a presumably then stagnant multiplayer.

  • Joey

    May I be the first to say that’s bullshit. EA’s online features for games like Fifa and fight night suck anyway. I think that’s very cheeky of them to extort people like that. They need to be slapped with the cop-on stick!