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You Tell Us: Which PlayStation Classic Would You Like To See In HD?

You Tell Us: Which PlayStation Classic Would You Like To See In HD?

HD remakes are awesome. Metal Gear Solid HD Collection is going to be sweet. Ico/Colossus is going to make us weep sweet tears of joy. And the day we get the original Legacy of Kane remade in whizz-bang o-vision will be the happiest of our lives.

But which games do you want to see remade?

To give you some ideas, we asked around the office to see which classics should be remade. Here’s the suggestions:

Demo 1 T-Rex

A stupid suggestion. But also a brilliant one. For those of you who don’t know what the we’re blathering about, said dino was a rather tasty looking T-Rex that you could interact with on the Demo 1 disc that came with the original PlayStation. At the time, it was genuinely gobsmacking.

Tenchu: Stealth Assassins
Ryan’s suggestion, and a pretty good one seeing as the series has never again scaled the heights of the original.


The best version of PES ever? It’s largely a matter or personal taste, but for us PES 6 is glorious.

Metal Gear Solid

Total remake, please.

Final Fantasy VII

For obvious reasons.

Of course, there are many, many more. Let us know which games you’d like to see remade or HD-ised (and the reason why) and we’ll see if we can’t gently propose it next time we’re chatting with the companies involved.

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  • Sid

    don’t forget the Ratchet & Clank and Jak & Daxter Series! They would be great as a playstation classic in HD!

  • stephen

    resident evil 2 , i loved that game

  • The Deleted

    Dino Crisis… any Dino Crisis.
    Can’t believe CapCom dropped it after one poor game… and continue to knock out shite RE’s every year.

  • KeeperOfTheWord

    MediEvil. ‘Nuff said.

  • Scrum

    Herdy Gerdy.

  • Jack

    Kingdom Hearts… and Max Payne.

  • Joey

    The T Rex blew my mind on Christmas morning (97 i think) followed by turning on ff7.
    I want that remade, that morning which was still the best day of Playstation ever for me.
    The dino would be perfect but ff7 would be tricky to remake well, if it had voice acting it would be ruined, for example. If they kept the game exactly the way it was scene from scene but with today’s graphics it would be amazing.
    But Square Enix are now so Japanese it would be ruined so it’s probably best to leave it unfortunately.

  • owen

    Herdy Gerdy got to be classic game and like nothing else , Jak and Daxter precusser legacy and Black

  • Adam The Awesome

    There is a list!

    Doom (Imagine this in HD or better yet 3D)
    Silent Hill (We were denied SH4 in HD for absolutely no reason whatsoever & No.1 deserves HD aswell)
    Metal Gear Solid (One of the greatest VG’s in PS History it’s about time they take it to the highest level of quality)
    Hogs of War (We were promised a sequel and firmly denied)
    Duke Nukem and the Land of Babes (Great game)
    Soul Blade (The origins of Soul Caliber it seems like a must to me)

  • HerdyGerdyLover

    Yes! Herdy Gerdy HD remake would be the best thing ever! That game was so amazing with its environments, I can only imagine how beautiful they would be in HD!