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You Tell Us: Does PlayStation Need A New Pad?

You Tell Us: Does PlayStation Need A New Pad?

The argument won’t go away. No, not that one about water cannons, or chickens and eggs. The one about whether or not Sony’s trusty DualShock pad design should be retired. It’s quite possibly the most important question of our age, and it’s no closer to getting resolved.

There’s no denying how important the controller has been for Sony. With its humble origins as a prototype controller for Sony and Nintendo’s aborted ‘Play Station’ console to the addition of the two analogue sticks, then rumble, its appearance is one of (if not the) defining images of Sony’s run from obscurity to king of the castle.

Its legacy is secure, but the controller has issues, no doubt about that. The deadzones on the analogue sticks aren’t great, making shooters that much of a chore. The sticks themselves – in our opinion – could be better positioned. And the triggers, oh, the triggers.

As we all know, Sony showed a new controller at E3 2005, causing howls of derision. And rightly so: that controller was awful. But is Sony sticking to tradition for its own sake? Is the DualShock’s legacy in fact hindering Sony, as it has proven it is scared of moving away from such an iconic design?

So we ask: with this generation closer to its end than its beginning, how would you feel if PS4 was announced, with another DualShock in tow?

Let us know!

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  • Scrum

    I like it. So no.

  • Chris

    As long as the analog sticks are symmetrical, go for it.
    Can not stand the 360 pad layout.

  • Sid

    i actually think the dualshock controller cant really be made better 😀 And i agree with Chris

  • stephen

    its better than the x box by far

  • Sid

    XBOX SUCKS! PS3 RULES! WOOOOO! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  • Warren

    Why fix something that isn’t broken. The pad works fantastically and is perfect just the way it is, so…no

  • eelay

    i agree with warren, why change something that works perfectly well. it may look a little dated but its the best pad on any console ever!

  • The layout is great and doesn’t really need changing (the only thing I’d do is put button 3 under the controller instead of on the sticks) but the dimensions could do with a few tweaks.

    Nicer triggers (once you use the £2 clip on triggers you cannot believe how poor the originals were).

    More sculpted contours (maybe just offer large/medium/small?) for people with large hands so they don’t get cramp.

    Ditch dualshock (controversial). I didn’t miss it in sixaxis and since getting one with a replacement PS3 slim it’s left me feeling a bit “meh”.

  • hutton121

    Various sizes would be useful, just basic S/M/L would do.

    I like the current pad, and people overall don’t welcome change, but there next effort could be fantastic! or shit!

    I don’t play the 360 because I hate the controller so it is a HUGE decision, I would be more than happy to see the ps4 with a similar controller.

  • Tiger Chan

    In my opinion the controllers are to small. Something larger such as the XBOX controllers would be appreciated by a lot of people I think…..

  • Conor

    I hope the ps4 still has the dualshock controllers,i really hope they dont make us use a wii-like motion control for the ps4.

  • stephen

    @ conor , stop freaking out , there is no way sony r gona replace the dualshock with a wii style controller

  • TOM

    i think that the control is brilliant as it is but everything will eventually evolve i think that the duel shocks time has come but maybe a slow evolution is best for every1 i would start off by putting the r3/l3 buttons on the back of the controller under the r2/l2 buttons but thats just me and i agree with u conor i think using a wii style motion controller would ruin the consept of the playstation franchise

  • David

    I’ve never had problems with dead spots, perhaps it’s just you guys lol. Personally I like both the 360 and PS3 controllers. I’ve always found the face buttons on 360 pads to be under responsive, which hurts your fingers if you have to hold them down for a while. The bumpers work well with racers and so long as they aren’t use R1 rather than R2 for firing (like most games do) they’re fine for shooters too. The bumpers are problematic when playing PS1 or PS2 games though, which were design for simple on or off function rather than pressure sensitive, but oh well.

    Sony you don’t need to change it, but if you do keep it similar and not rediculous boomerangs.