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You Tell Us: Do Sony’s Exclusives Matter?

You Tell Us: Do Sony’s Exclusives Matter?

In the digital playground that is the internet, it’s not uncommon to hear countless arguments break out about exclusives. Gears this. Uncharted that. Jumping Flash the other.

But are exclusives still the be-all and end-all of videogaming that they used to be? Not to us. Sure, we love Uncharted. InFamous is fun, Killzone is beautiful and Gran Turismo is, well, Gran Turismo.

Are any of those reasons to buy a console? To some, yes. But for the vast majority they’re nowhere near as much of a reason to invest in a console as Call of Duty is, or as FIFA is. Both are huge multi-platform titles that drive console sales through the roof.

Microsoft is often chided for not having enough exclusives, but it doesn’t need them. It’s got a lower price point than PS3. It’s got timed exclusivity on the monstrous Call of Duty DLC (which they don’t have to shell any cash out in development costs for). It’s got FIFA, Assassin’s Creed, and all of the other big-hitting third-party titles, and its user base is growing.

So, does the argument that Sony having more exclusives makes them stronger really hold water? Not to us. Most of PS3’s exclusives don’t sell nearly as well as games that Microsoft and Sony also have on their systems. Exclusives are great to have, sure, but it’s not the 90’s, or the early 00’s anymore. GTA is multiplatform. So is Devil May Cry. So is Final Fantasy. So is almost everything else.

What do you think? What informed your PS3 purchase? Was it Uncharted, or Ubisoft? And are there any exclusives you’d trade with the 360?

Strike back below, and if we like what you say, then we might send you some tat goodies from around the office.

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  • Kingsley

    Hell no man..

    Never, ever felt the urge to go and by myself a console. Pc fanboy al the way, for all the most obvious and chewed out reasons you can think of. No exclusive will ever persuade me to buy as console.
    it’s just like that rumor that you can play xbox games in the upcoming windows 8.
    Why the hell would I want to do that? My pc already is way faster that the 360, and probably will out perform an future xbox 720 too. Seems to me that MS needs more money and will try to put gaming behind some premium thingy like they’ve got now on the xbox 360.
    But that are just my 2 cents..

  • Sony’s exclusives are very important to me. They are the games I prefer to play above all others. not because they’re exclusive, but because they’re better than most others out there.

    I have a PS3 because over the years, I’ve come to love many of Sony’s exclusives. I can do without Halo, Gears, Forza etc., but I can’t (or rather, don’t want to) do without the Uncharted’s, Killzone’s and GT’s.

    Thanks to Activision’s arrogance, I’m no longer interested in CoD, so the timed exclusivity MS has on that doesn’t bother me at all.

    Last gen, I had a PS2, Xbox and Gamecube, and my PS2 got all the use. So I didn’t bother with the 360 or the Wii this time around, and for me there’s still no compelling reason to buy either.

    I’m sure many would consider me to be a fanboy, but I don’t sing the PS3’s praises because it’s the only system I have – on the contrary, it’s the only system I have because it’s the only system I need. I would happily go and buy a 360 and/or a Wii tomorrow, but I can be pretty certain that neither would get enough use to justify the outlay.

  • Scrum

    I got a PS3 because I was a fan of the PS2. I do like the exclusives, but I’d buy them if they weren’t PS3 exclusives anyway. That said, I wouldn’t buy any xbox ones, even if I had an xbox.

  • Garan

    I got a PS3 because my previous console was a PS2 and I was just more familiar with Playstation than Xbox. Some of PS3’s exclusives are good and some of 360’s are good,I would love to be able to play Gears and L4D .If I was in the position to,I would have a 360 as well,but I’m not so there you go.

    Exclusives are nice,but I see them more as perks of having a certain console. The console and its capabilities are what should motivate its purchase.

  • David

    I have both a 360 and a PS3. My 360 only sees the light of day once a year when the annual Halo/Gears release comes out, whilst my PS3 is in use almost everyday. Both have advantages and disadvantages, but for me the multimedia capabilites of the PS3 made it more appealing. The same can be said of exclusives. Sony exclusives are generally more ground breaking, but Microsoft are better with co-op. Halo and Gears have had co-op from day one and use the entire screen (unlike KZ3). Sony exclusives meanwhile can’t make up their minds whether they have co-op or not, whether it’s online or not or if it’s full story or not.

    Exclusives wouldn’t convince to buy a console, but rather what the hardware has to offer. Now that this generation has settled down into mid-life however it is the games that are really on my mind, and looking at my collection I have only really been buying PS3 exclusives of late.

    LBP2, KZ3 and inFamous 2 so far, and i’m interested in Uncharted 3, Resistance 3 and Gears 3. So that’s 5 PS3 vs 1 360.

  • Chris

    I think the exclusives are good because they are specifically developed for the PS3 and not made for the 360 or PC then ported over, so our exclusives are showing what the PS3 is really capable of.
    That doesn’t mean to say there should be more exclusives for us, as 360 players dont get to play some of these great games, but its good to have some.
    Like The Last Guardian and the SOTC and Ico collection, going to be sweet.

  • Geoman37

    Going to keep it short. Mgs4.